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    Enjoy this handy guide to Tamarindo, Costa Rica curated on a constant basis by people that really know the town. Written by locals, great for families, couples and travelers.

  • Living in Tamarindo with Kids

    It's been over 5 years since we first stepped foot in Costa Rica as a family and our adventures in Tamarindo and beyond have changed our lives.

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    A video is worth a million words, and we've got a number of high quality videos to showcase different experiences we've had, places we've been and things we've seen in Costa Rica.

  • Bringing a Dog to Costa Rica

    We've got the process down at this point, but the first time we brought our dog to Costa Rica for us was a major learning experience. Here's the story.

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We are very proud to announce that the TIDE Academy Documentary Film is ready for viewing. This 20 minute documentary takes an in-depth look at the Students, Faculty and Parents that attend this non-traditional school in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. This entire production was filmed by students of the TIDE Academy Film Making Class. Quick Peek:Keep Reading!


This is a must see. This music video based on Walk Off the Earth’s song called Rule The World was made during our Film Making class at the Tide Academy, in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. The video took months to film in a bunch of different locations around Tamarindo, Costa Rica. These kids did an incredible job,Keep Reading!


Today is the day the kids have been waiting for all year, we are releasing the music video they’ve been working on in Film Making class to the public. We will be launching the video at the end of today’s final film making class of the year. Stay tuned! (Update! The video is posted below!)Keep Reading!


I have had the honor of teaching an After School Enrichment Class at the TIDE Academy this year and it has been extremely impactful on my (and our entire families’) experience in Costa Rica. The class I teach is called Film Making, and we have had three major focuses this year; learning the deep basics of filmKeep Reading!


Tamarindo is home and host to many active and adventurous people. Not only does the great surf draw this crowd, but the lifestyle itself, which encourages walking and spending time outdoors, promotes a healthy lifestyle. So, if you are in Tamarindo and looking to stay active and healthy, you have lots of options! Surfing, ofKeep Reading!


It was a regular Thursday afternoon. Jacob, our friend Nate and I wanted to surf Langosta after school. We arrived at 2:30 when the tide was going out from the river mouth. This causes a huge, and dangerous rip current. The surf was good but Jake, Nate and I were the only ones out there.Keep Reading!


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Dining in Tamarindo

Tamarindo is loaded with dining options and we’ve eaten at most of them! This guide will help you avoid the duds and find the hidden gems.