Luna Llena

Our new little “home” for the next month is perfect. It was very hot when we walked in and the lighting is awful, (Matt and I are admitted snobs about it), but other than that, it is everything we wanted and hoped for. The beds are slabs, we have a pet gecko and some yellow curtains with sheep in our “living/dining room,” but it is Costa Rica charm through and through. Tile floors, stained glass doors, bright paint on every wall, and Matt and I have our own painting of a naked woman next to our bed. So, we’re good.

Can’t really explain Luna Llena – more later. I kind of feel like we are living in our own little place, but are in the home of the owners, (Pino and Sonia!?! – Italian). We have a little bungalow with  a private entrance, little grassy area and see saw. There is a community swimming pool in the middle of another set of bungalows, (where a couple of our instructors live), and an open air restaurant.

Friendly, and laid back, to say the very least – oh yeah, 3? resident dogs and 3 or more? resident cats.

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  1. Missing you and LOVING the updates. Only a few pictures and I’m there in my mind. Maybe, just maybe I’ll get there in body too!

  2. Alyson it seems fitting that your clan should head down for a visit, make it happen!

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