New 360 Virtual Tours & Views of Tamarindo

We’ve been experimenting with starting to film 360-degree, virtual reality videos of Tamarindo and the surrounding area and we wanted to share some of that with you via our brand new YouTube Channel called Tamarindo 360. Right now we have virtual reality experiences on both the beach and in town that can be viewed on a desktop, on your phone, and even better yet, with a Virtual Reality headset! If you view the videos on your computer, you can control them and look around with your mouse, if you view them on your phone you can move your phone around to see different views, and of course, with a VR headset, you will have a fully immersive experience.

Here are a few videos to preview the experience, and there are many more if you go to our YouTube Page


Be sure to visit Tamarindo 360 on YouTube to see the entire collection of videos and experiences!

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