The kids wrote this song with their friends Logan and Macy last week. Just had to share as nothing makes me happier than the kids playing music.Keep Reading!

November in Costa Rica is a magical time, everything is green, you might have a little rain and the weather is calm and cooler. It’s probably our favorite time of the year to be in Costa Rica. 2012 was no exception when we came down to Costa Rica with friends to celebrate Thanksgiving. The weekKeep Reading!

Goodbye’s are hard. We are anticipating ours – one month from today. It’s difficult not to “go there” yet, considering we have had so many happy Hello’s as of late. We have been blessed over the last five months in Tamarindo to have made so many new friends while also welcoming friends from home toKeep Reading!

Yesterday we bid farewell to our last set of friends coming to town for a visit as Brent, Kristine, Aliya and Jaz. We had another wonderful time with them and the kids really enjoyed getting to know their girls better. Our week was filled with surfing, a night out a Bamboo Sushi Club, journeys toKeep Reading!

We have been living in our own little world for months now and have had very little interaction with our friends from “home” other than a few emails, random texts and the occasional skype calls. We’ve talked on facebook and a little through the blog, but for the most part we’ve been completely on ourKeep Reading!

This past week was another week of firsts. First week in the new house, first family friend visitors from Colorado, first emergency trip to the dentist, the list goes on. Many stories to tell, laugh about and share. Theme? Colorado meets Tamarindo. I’ve been sitting here for 30 minutes trying to find a specific topicKeep Reading!

This past week marked another milestone in our adventure. For the first time in 3+ months our 10 feet were joined by the¬†familiarity and¬†comfort of 2 visitors (and 4 more feet) from home, Yaya and Grandpa Buzz. The anticipation of visitors from “home” was enough to make the kids seem drunk with excitement. For theKeep Reading!

We had our first visitors since we arrived in December. The kids were counting down the days until Matt’s parents arrived at Casa Xanadu. They arrived late enough that we had to put the kids to bed in anticipation of early morning hugs and kisses from YaYa and Grandpa Buzz. And the morning came earlyKeep Reading!