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Guide to the Weather in Tamarindo

Tamarindo has fairly predictable weather, which is great for vacation planning. Things can vary of course, but for the most part, the information below is pretty spot on most years.

REMEMBER: This is for Tamarindo only. The rest of Costa Rica (especially down south) has a completely different weather pattern with a lot more rain. Tamarindo is unique with its’ constant sunshine and great weather.

December & January

This is our VERY favorite time of year in Tamarindo. Rainy season has just ended so the entire town is green and in bloom. The weather is perfect. You may see a short rain storm in the first week of December, but other than that, expect clear, sunny skies and a wonderful temperature of around 85 degrees. Humidity hovers around 50% this time of year.

February & March

Tamarindo is at its’ hottest and driest time during Feb and March. It can get a little windy, but the warm 90 to 100 degree temperatures make it worth it. Don’t expect to see a single cloud in the sky and certainly don’t expect rain. Humidity is also low this time of year (30% to 50% at most)

April & May

April and May are another wonderful time to be in Tamarindo. Tthe green season is just barely starting, so you may see a short rain storm once in a two week period. The temperature will be between 85 and 95 degrees most days and the humidity will start to rise up to 40% to 60% some days. Expect mostly sun, and an occasional shower. This is also Frog Season in Tamarindo, so expect to hear some frogs around the pools at night.

June, July & August

Tamarindo is very beautiful during the American summer months. The temperature is usually between 80 and 90 degrees and it may rain for a short period once or twice a week. Typically the rain is short and really doesn’t impact vacation plans at all. Humidity is higher this time of year at an average of 50% to 70%. Everything is starting to “Green Up” this time of year so it is very beautiful.


September is the unofficial start to the real green (rainy) season. Some years it will rain a lot in September and some years it will only rain a few times, but when it does rain, expect a good storm. Temperatures will be between 75 and 85 degrees most days with slightly cooler evenings.

October & November

This is a great time to travel to Tamarindo on a budget as prices are at their lowest these two months (until Thanksgiving). Expect rain many if not most days this time of year. Storms can last anywhere from an hour to a day. If you’re looking to relax and turn off, this is a nice time of year to head to Tamarindo as it’s very mellow and tranquil. Temperatures will be between 70 and 85 degrees.


Thanksgiving is a great time to go to Tamarindo. Rainy season is virtually completed and it’s not a super busy time in town. You may see a short storm or two, but it’s a great place to celebrate an US style Thanksgiving.

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