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Our website started off as a journal about our adventures in Costa Rica, and now it has evolved into a resource for thousands of travelers each year that want to learn more about Tamarindo and traveling or living here. We have received a lot of questions from around the world seeking advice and opinions about traveling to Costa Rica, especially with families. People have asked for lodging advice, food advice, activity advice, surf instructor advice, school advice and much more.

We are not “experts” on Costa Rica by any means, but we have traveled much of the country and especially have intimate knowledge of Tamarindo, so we hope that we can at least provide some additional insights if nothing else. Things are constantly changing and evolving around the country, so some of this information will eventually end up being dated, but as of 2022, we wanted to offer some public advice that we can pass on to our friends, families and fellow adventurers online.

We’ve tried to break our “reviews” down into a few categories to make it easier to find the information you need. We hope you will find this information useful and easy to understand!

The Guide to Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Traveling to Tamarindo (Planes and Driving)

Renting a Car in Tamarindo (Get an instant price quote)

Shuttle Service to and from Tamarindo (Airport Shuttles & Travel Shuttles)

Where to stay in Tamarindo (Lodging Suggestions)

Dining in Tamarindo / Best Places to Eat In Tamarindo (Restaurant Suggestions)

What to Do in Tamarindo (Tours, Activities & Fun)

Shopping in Tamarindo (Groceries and More)

Internet & Cell Phones in Tamarindo (How to Stay Connected)

Family Photography Sessions in Tamarindo (Best Photographers)

Health and Wellness in Tamarindo (Gyms, Yoga Studios, Healthy Eating)

What to Bring to Tamarindo (What to Pack)

The Weather in Tamarindo (What to Expect)

Going to School in Tamarindo (Long Term Vacation / Relocation)

Everyday Tips in Tamarindo (General Tips)

Some Beach Tips (Just a few reminders)

Surfing in Tamarindo (Best 6 Locations)


Tamarindo’s Changes Over the Past Decade

Tamarindo has undergone significant changes in the past decade. The town has continued to grow and develop, attracting more visitors and residents every year. One of the most notable changes has been the expansion of tourism infrastructure. New hotels, restaurants, and businesses have opened, catering to the needs of tourists and contributing to the local economy.

The growth of tourism has also led to an increase in real estate development. Many investors have recognized the potential of Tamarindo as a desirable location for vacation homes and rental properties. As a result, there has been a surge in construction activity, particularly in the form of condominiums and gated communities.

The town has also become more accessible, thanks to improvements in transportation infrastructure. The Liberia International Airport, located about an hour’s drive from Tamarindo, has undergone significant upgrades, including the expansion of its runway and terminal building. This has made it easier for international visitors to travel to Tamarindo and has contributed to the town’s growth.

Despite the changes, Tamarindo has managed to maintain its natural beauty and charm. The town has implemented measures to preserve its environment, including the protection of wildlife and the promotion of sustainable tourism practices. Tamarindo’s beaches remain a major draw, and efforts have been made to keep them clean and well-maintained.

Overall, the changes in Tamarindo over the past 10 years reflect the town’s evolution into a modern, thriving community while also preserving its unique character and natural assets. There are things we miss dearly from 10 years ago, and there are also things we are so delighted to have evolved, changed, or improved.

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