Renting a Car in Tamarindo


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Renting a Car in Tamarindo

Car Rentals in Tamarindo are easy to come by and we have used a number of the car rental agencies in town. Our favorite place to rent a car is with Adobe as they have great rates, reliable vehicles, and very good customer service. We have teamed up with Adobe to offer our readers a 10%-20% discount on all car rentals (depending on the time of year) so be sure to check the rates directly from our form below.


Check Availability and Rates with Adobe

As we mentioned above, we have teamed up with Adobe Rental Cars to provide our readers with a 10%-20% discount when you reserve your car via the form to the left. Simply enter the dates you would like to rent a car for and the next page will present you all of the vehicle options, etc. It’s super easy!



Do you need to rent a 4 wheel drive car?

It really depends on where you are planning to travel as well as the time of year. During Green Season (rainy season) it is not uncommon at all to have roads completely covered with water during the storms and you will feel much more confident in a 4WD car. Many of the roads in Costa Rica, and even around Tamarindo and Langosta, can get quite challenging to drive in a small car so we always rent a 4 wheel drive car when we are in need to a vehicle.

Rental Car Fees, Insurance and More

Renting a car in Tamarindo is very easy, but there are some things you’ll want to know before you rent so you aren’t surprised when you’re actually signing the contract. When you check rental prices, make sure that you know the total price (not just the daily rental rate) before you make your decision. Adobe always makes it very clear about what the total fees are, which we really appreciate.

Make sure you have enough credit on your credit card for the $1000 deposit on all rentals. All rental agencies need to put a $1000 hold on your credit card for the duration of your rental to cover any damages, etc on your car. When you return the car, they will immediately void the hold on the $1000.

The Liability Insurance is required by Costa Rican law and can not be waived. Liability insurance in Costa Rica covers limited damage to 3rd party property and people. Your rental car company will explain the coverage and limitations, but it’s important to know what that fee is, as it can be more (per day) than the actual price of the car in some cases. Our favorite car rental company, Adobe, makes the insurance fee clear when you reserve your car (some other companies will wait to tell you about that insurance until you arrive, which we don’t think is the right way to do that).

The Car Protection Insurance can be waived if you have proof of coverage from your credit card company. Adobe is happy to waive the coverage on the rental vehicle if you have a printed letter from your credit card company stating specifically that you have coverage on vehicles when you pay for your rental on their card. It’s super easy to get a letter from your credit card provider (if they offer that service) – just call them and they can typically email you the coverage letter within an hour or two. A brochure or general description printout does not work, you need to have a letter that mentions you by name.

Total Coverage / Extended Coverage is optional but does cover things like roadside assistance, tire replacement, tow trucks and more. If you want to rest assured completely, this coverage is something to consider for your car rental.


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  1. Would like to rent a car for 2 weeks in January 2020

    1. Author

      Hi Shirley – At the top of this page ( you should see a small form that allows you to enter where you would like to pick up your car and the dates you would like for the rental and once you submit that, you’ll be taken to Adobe’s site with the discounted prices they offer our visitors and the size/model options of the vehicles. Let us know if you are not able to see that form, but it should appear next to the Adobe logo toward the top of the page. Thanks and have a great time in Costa Rica!!!

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