It’s been 9 years since our kids first started going to the “TIDE Academy” with Chelsea. I use quotes when I write that because, at the time, TIDE was more of a concept than a concrete school solution. Back in the day, it was just a few kids outside in her backyard enjoying the CostaKeep Reading!

If you had asked me 8 years ago to predict what our life would look like in 2019, never in my wildest dreams would I have been able to predict where we are today. A 6-month visit to Costa Rica in 2011 turned into a life in Costa Rica over the next 8 years. IKeep Reading!

School in Tamarindo, How it Works for Us We get a lot of questions and inquiries about school and how we go about educating our kids in both Costa Rica and Colorado. While I can not speak for any other schools besides the three in Colorado that we have experienced this with, I feel pretty confident in sayingKeep Reading!

We are very proud to announce that the TIDE Academy Documentary Film is ready for viewing. This 20 minute documentary takes an in-depth look at the Students, Faculty and Parents that attend this non-traditional school in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. This entire production was filmed by students of the TIDE Academy Film Making Class. Quick Peek:Keep Reading!

Today is the day the kids have been waiting for all year, we are releasing the music video they’ve been working on in Film Making class to the public. We will be launching the video at the end of today’s final film making class of the year. Stay tuned! (Update! The video is posted below!)Keep Reading!

I have had the honor of teaching an After School Enrichment Class at the TIDE Academy this year and it has been extremely impactful on my (and our entire families’) experience in Costa Rica. The class I teach is called Film Making, and we have had three major focuses this year; learning the deep basics of filmmaking,Keep Reading!

The following article was written by Adam Daniel in the TIDE Newsletter: Although Ben is not one of our senior students, he is our highlight student this week. Ben is a returning part-time student for the past 7 years. He has been with TIDE Academy since the begging and completes 1/3 of his school yearKeep Reading!

I’m never super excited when my alarm goes off at 5:00 am on Wednesday mornings, I like mornings, but it’s really early. By the time the entire family has arrived at the beach at 5:45 for the TIDE Academy Morning Surf Practice, the cobwebs are gone and I’m so grateful to be out there enjoyingKeep Reading!

Ben and Jacob both wanted to write something for the blog yesterday, and they opted to do a little writing about the TIDE Academy’s Morning Surf Program before school. Enjoy! TIDE Surf Morning Practice – by Ben Waking up at 5:00 am to go surfing is definitely worth it. Especially if it’s with TIDE. Last year if youKeep Reading!

We are about a week and half from our departure date. We are heading back to Tamarindo on September 16th – this time, for the school year. This period of transition is always hard – there is so much to do to prepare, but the timing needs to be right. You can’t pack suitcases weeksKeep Reading!

We’ve been back in Tamarindo for about a month now and it’s been quite a whirlwind thus far! Things are finally slowing down just a little bit, so I thought I’d drop a quick update. We had two weeks of visitors as well as three weeks of very good friends in town, so we’ve beneKeep Reading!

The kids went to an amazing school while living in Costa Rica for the Spring Semester of 2013 called the TIDE Academy (website | facebook). As a part of their community outreach program, the school teamed up with another local school to create a beautiful mural on an old concrete wall in the center ofKeep Reading!

This is a repost from the TIDE Academy May Newsletter: Congratulations to the Sampsons for being the Featured Students of the Month! TIDE was lucky enough to have the Sampsons for four months this year. Ben, Jacob, and Abby all came prepared to learn everyday, always thought of amazing new ideas, and were awesome surfers!Keep Reading!

We’ve been back in Costa Rica for 3 weeks now, and while things really haven’t changed much around our favorite little town, our life is quite a bit different this winter, primarily because the kids are going to school. For the first time in CR, Erin and I have our mornings free. I’ve been ableKeep Reading!