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Where to Grocery Shop in Tamarindo

Grocery shopping is surprisingly easy in Tamarindo. Tamarindo has two small grocery stores in town and a very large “american style” grocery store just at the edge of town, and between those three locations you can find just about anything on your grocery list.

It is worth noting that shopping in Costa Rica can be expensive, especially when you are buying items that have been imported. Costa Rica has a very high import tax, and that tax is added on to the price of things, so if you can live without brands you know, it’s best to buy local products when you can to save some cash.

Super Pura Vida

The Super Pura Vida is located just to the south of the Super 2001. It’s clean and has a decent selection of necessities. The staff is very friendly and many speak both English and Spanish. Prices are all pretty much the same in Tamarindo, so if you’re on the south side of town, this is a convenient location to grab some goods and head to the beach. They accept both cash and credit cards.

Super Compro

The Super Compro is located one block up the road from Plaza Conchal (across from Long Boards and the Food Court). It’s in the bottom floor of a high rise tower. The Super Compro is similar to the Super 2001, good selection of necessities, not the best place for fresh meat, fish and produce, but it’s a great spot to stop if you need something simple. They also accept cash and credit and will also request to see your ID with a credit card.

The Vindi

The Vindi is the newest market to join Tamarindo and it is located up the dirt road toward the gym and La Esquina. The Vindi is a mini version of the Auto Mercado and is very clean and well-stocked. You’ll find the freshest fruits and veggies in the main part of town here. The prices are higher at the Vindi than most of the other stores, but you will understand why when you walk in. It’s a major step up from the other markets in town. Perfect place to shop for things you can’t find at the other stores when you don’t want to drive all the way to the Auto Mercado.

Auto Mercado

The Auto Mercado is the premier grocery store in Tamarindo. It’s on the north side of town, just past the river. Due to it’s location past the river port, it’s not an easy walk, especially with families, so it’s best to drive yourself (if you have a car) or to hire a Taxi in town for a few dollars to take you up there. This is a full fledged grocery store with a great selection of virtually everything you may need. Great produce, meats, fish, fruits, etc as well as a huge selection of staples, snacks, liquor, drinks, health products and more. They accept cash and cards and will probably ask for an ID as well.

Additional Shopping

There are not a whole lot of shopping options in Tamarindo if you’re not looking for tourist wear, surf wear or souvenirs.  Check around the Diria Resort on the main street, there are a number of women’s clothing stores, etc.

If you’re looking for surf wear (swim suits, sandals, rash guards, etc) one of our favorite stores are Roca Bruja and Arenas.


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  1. Matt – A group of us are possibly planning a week’s stay at a luxury villa near Tamarindo – I see that grocery shopping is not a problem. What about crime and personal safety? We’re older and some have concerns about the increased crime rate (reported by US Govt) and the rise in Covid. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I hope to allay concerns and that we go ahead with this getaway. Thanks.

    1. Hi Darcy – Thanks for reaching out to us! In general, the crime in Tamarindo is very minimal and the majority of the crime is petty theft, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your belongings while at the beach, in town, etc. And always lock your doors at your house, in your car and things like that. I feel very comfortable walking around town and feel comfortable letting my kids walk around town with friends or alone on their way home. That being said, I would tend to suggest not walking on the beach after it’s quite dark just in case and to always walk in town because there are more people and it’s well lit. I’d also suggest wrapping things up no later than 9 or 10 pm (before the bars start getting crowded). It’s all about common sense in most cases and really, overall, a very safe place to be. My kids feel safer here than in Colorado for sure. As far as Covid goes, if you’re vaccinated and are being aware of super crowded situations by wearing a mask, etc., it doesn’t seem to be a huge deal anymore. It’s still here for sure, but considering that almost everything we do is outside including most restaurants, it feels pretty safe. We do still wear a mask 100% indoors here (grocery stores, banks, shops, etc) and everyone follows the rules all the time. You did mention you’re looking at a Villa “near Tamarindo” – depending on where you’re looking, you might want to make sure you’re in town (or in Langosta) as the further outside of town you go, the higher the petty crime rate tends to be. Make sure you can walk to the center of town or will have access to some sort of transportation if you can’t. All of my answers are based on our experiences of course, so I hope that at least gives you a little more perspective. Hope that helps, but let us know if you have more questions!

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