Erin will be hosting a Yoga Retreat from November 11-17, 2017 in Nosara, Costa Rica and we would love to see you there! Erin is the owner of Five Parks Yoga ( and together we produce hundreds of professional yoga classes online for students from all over the world and this Fall, she will beKeep Reading!

This weekend we will journey down to Costa Rica again as a family. By this time we’ve got traveling to and from Costa Rica down to a science. Instead of making this 5th trip down the easiest one yet, we’ve decided to make it the most complicated one by adding our new dog to theKeep Reading!

I think we may have found true paradise. I’ve seen versions of paradise in a number of places, each location with it’s own unique sparkle. But only a few times before have I been so awe inspired, so moved by natural beauty and simplicity that I was literally speechless. I’m in one of those placesKeep Reading!

Our final day in San Jose, we decided to do a coffee plantation tour. Many of our friends had suggested going on the Britt tour (the largest of the Costa Rican Coffee sellers), but every person we spoke with in San Jose would huff about that tour and they all suggested doing the Three GenerationsKeep Reading!

Yesterday we ventured into the capital city of San Jose for the first time. We hailed a cab, and Nelson, our driver, took us all over San Jose to see the sites from the road on our way to our final destination, the Children’s Museum. I’m glad we took as cab, as the museum isKeep Reading!

Costa Rica is not a very large country (geographically) and while we have seen quite a bit of it, we headed back to Colorado last summer knowing that we had so much more of Costa Rica we wanted to explore.  When we officially decided this past Fall to journey back to Costa Rica for anotherKeep Reading!

we’re not in Tamarindo anymore… Matt and I have laughed a few times about the notion that we have anything truly valuable to say about Costa Rica, as a country. Granted, we have spent some time in Costa Rica, but when it comes right down to it, we have spent almost all of our timeKeep Reading!

  Rincon de La Vieja Here is the next segment from our feature length presentation, this time from Rincon de la Vieja (the Old Woman’s Corner). It was a full day of adventure from Sun up to Sun down. What a perfect way to celebrate New Years Eve!Keep Reading!

I’ve been working on a video of our Journey to Costa Rica for the past few months. It’s nearly complete, and eventually, I will put the whole thing online for those of you brave enough to endure the feature length version, but for now, I am going to add some pieces of it over theKeep Reading!

Jacob turned 8 on April 29th. His birthday will be the only one we celebrate in Costa Rica this year. Jacob knew that this birthday would be different without the typical fanfare surrounding all of our celebrations. But all of us counted down they days for weeks prior, enjoying the excitement and anticipation that comesKeep Reading!

Monte Verde was a cool town. It reminded us of many mountain towns in Colorado . There was a small downtown, restaurants and hotels. The town was very focused on community, cleanliness and the environment. If you are in Costa Rica and have time to visit Monte Verde, I would highly suggest the trip. WeKeep Reading!

After our walk through the cloud forest on the hanging bridges and a quick lunch, we ventured into the Butterfly Garden. It’s the largest butterfly garden in Costa Rica from what I remember being told and it was quick incredible. Erin and I both agreed that they should have weddings in there. It kind ofKeep Reading!

Our second day in Monte Verde we ventured up to Selvatura Park, another incredible experience. First stop for the day was a guided walking tour on the hanging bridges (sky bridges) that weave in and out of the cloud forest. I can’t remember how many of them there were, but it was a lot. ReallyKeep Reading!

When we arrived in Monte Verde the first thing we noticed was the temperature. It was actually COLD! Quite a refreshing feeling after spending two months in the dry and hot northwest coast of Costa Rica. The second thing we noticed is that it’s green. Everywhere. Monte Verde is incredibly lush. The plants and trees areKeep Reading!

It’s sounds cooler than it is, but there is a cool service that will take you from La Fortuna / Arenal across Lake Arenal to Monte Verde saving you the drive around the lake. It’s a very big lake. It’s called the Jeep – Boat – Jeep, but it could have been called the ShuttleKeep Reading!

Tabacon Hot Springs is one of the coolest places we’ve ever seen. Close your eyes. Imagine a combination of Disney World design with luxury, water and nature. Now take that image and triple it. That’s Tabacon. I think the most amazing element to Tabacon was that it was in a natural setting. They took aKeep Reading!

We already posted these pix on Facebook last week, but some of our friends are not on Facebook (what? Jenn? Brenda? ) so we wanted to post them up here on 10 Feet as well. The following are a selection of pix from our first day in Arenal and La Fortuna.Keep Reading!