When Erin and I lived in Maui a short 15 years ago (was it really that long ago?!), it took us months to find a community there. We met people here than there, mostly at work, but it wasn’t until we met Becky that we felt like we had met someone that would remain inKeep Reading!

I woke up this morning at 5 am and had to breathe a sigh of relief, it’s the weekend. No school today. Funny to be saying that since school is Surfing and playing. Regardless though, no matter what we are doing, non stop learning, physical activity and action is tiring. Our day today should beKeep Reading!

Yesterday began with our first monkey sighting – actually 12 of them – in the tree above us during our morning yoga session. We have been hearing them in the morning from our room – (a surprisingly odd sound, more similar to a growling bear than I was expecting) – but hadn’t seen any beforeKeep Reading!

We are all a little more tired, sunburned and sore today but content after watching the sun go down from a hill above Playa Langosta. Surfing was great today. We have an amazing team working with us, and not only are we learning to stand up on a surf board, but also absorbing a tonKeep Reading!

Surfing is not easy for a big guy. I know that the transition from belly to feet is tough for everyone, but for a big guys like me, it’s exceptionally hard. “Popping Up” is not something my body does. After two days of attempting to get up, today was my day and I rode quiteKeep Reading!

I found out tonight that we are a “beta test” month long family surf camp experience. I am guessing that might explain the “I don’t know” answers for the last month or so. We still “don’t know,” because our experience will be a work in progress for all involved. We settled in at midnight lastKeep Reading!

Our new little “home” for the next month is perfect. It was very hot when we walked in and the lighting is awful, (Matt and I are admitted snobs about it), but other than that, it is everything we wanted and hoped for. The beds are slabs, we have a pet gecko and some yellowKeep Reading!

OMG we love Costa Rica. I’m not even sure where to start, so I’ll just tell you about our last 24 hours.. The travel portion was a piece of cake. Really not much to say. Flight were seamless, connections perfect. We arrived in CR late last night around 9pm. We are definitely at a dis-advantage not knowingKeep Reading!

It was a long day yesterday, but everything was smooth! We arrived at the airport with plenty of time – kids were amazing on both legs. I had to set a good example, because I hate the “hurry up and wait” experience of traveling. All in all, it was sun up to sun down toKeep Reading!

Even as of yesterday morning I really couldn’t get a full grasp on the fact that we were going to be living Costa Rica for the next 6 months, but now that we are here, I can’t imagine leaving 🙂 Sorry VFP. hehe. So, we are here!! I have so many stories already to tellKeep Reading!