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Best Lodging, Houses & Hotels in Tamarindo

There are hundreds of places to stay in Tamarindo, and with most you really can’t go wrong. We’re going to list a few of our favorites and also cover some of the bigger lodging choices to give you lots of options. Tamarindo offers condos, hotels, hostels and houses, so you’ve got a huge variety!

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First of all, we prefer the more “local” type places and like to be a little off the beaten path. Nothing outlandish, but we like to be on the edge of town, vs the middle of town as it’s quieter and more peaceful. Tamarindo is really small though, so even being on the edge, you’re no more than a few minute walk from the heart of everything. We haven’t stayed at very many hotels in Tamarindo, but we’ll try to cover some of the ones we know at least a little bit about.

Our Favorite Hotels in Tamarindo



We have a special place in our hearts for the Luna Llena as we lived there for almost three months the very first time we went to Costa Rica. It’s a quirky little hotel with bungalows, a great little pool, free breakfast and a welcoming staff. It’s about a 3 minute walk to the beach and we’d be shocked if you didn’t see howler monkeys a few times while you’re staying there. If you go, let them know that Matt & Erin sent you, they’ll take extra special care of you.


The Breeze is a small collection of villas on a single property. We have not personally stayed at the Breeze, but we have a number of friends that have spent time there and ever single one of them has loved it. We know the owners of the property and they are wonderful. Top it off with the fact that it is about a 2 minute walk to the beach and you’ve got a winner for sure.

diriaDiria Hotel & Condos CHECK AVAILABILITY

If you’re looking for more of a “resort” feel (think Hawaii), then it’s worth looking at the Diria Hotel. It’s right in the center of town and on the beach. They have a fun restaurant that the kids enjoy and multiple pools.

capitanCapitan Suisso CHECK AVAILABILITY

Capitan Suisso is at the far southern end of the Tamarindo Beach and is a very nice hotel. Great for families but also a hot Honeymoon spot. It’s very peaceful at this hotel as there is not a lot of foot traffic other than guests. Be sure to see their resident howler monkeys while you’re there!


The Wyndham Hotel is a beautiful hotel located in the hills overlooking Tamarindo. The grounds are very nice and the views can’t be beaten. Note that it is a long walk to the beach from the Wyndham, but they offer free shuttle service all day long to get you where you want to be in town.


The Hotel PasaTiempo is located in the center of town and is always an entertaining and nice place to visit. They have a large rancho bar area that often hosts local bands and open mic nights which are extremely fun to watch. The grounds are very nice and it feels like a little tropical paradise in Tamarindo.

Our Favorite Hostels in Tamarindo


Tamarindo Backpackers Hostel CHECK AVAILABILITY

We have not stayed at Tamarindo Backpackers, but have heard great things and are good friends with the owner. They have done great work to the property and amenities. It’s a great location (right across the street from our house actually) so it’s a short 4 minute walk to the beach on a very peaceful dirt road. There are a few other hostels in Tamarindo as well that we don’t know a ton about.

Hostel La Botella de Leche CHECK AVAILABILITY

La Botella de Leche Hostel is a nice property just outside the main area of town yet within easy walking distance to anything in Tamarindo. While we have not stayed there, we have heard great things from everyone we know that has spent time here.

La Oveja Negra Hostel & Surf Camp CHECK AVAILABILITY

La Oveja Negra Hostel is located right in the middle of all the action in Tamarindo and is a superb location for meeting new people who are traveling to Tamarindo. Great Mexican restaurant on-site as well as 12 rooms and a thriving surf culture.


The Pura Vida Mini Hostel is located near Casa Colorado and the Luna Llena Hotel just south of the main part of town. This hostel used to be a Spanish language school and has been converted to an economical place to stay in Tamarindo while visiting.

Selina Hostel Tamarindo CHECK AVAILABILITY

Selina Hostel is located behind the Pacific Park Condos and is in the center of town. There is a lot of energy surrounding Selina so if you are looking for activity and excitement, this might be a great place to look. That being said, it is a loud place to stay also due to the surrounding bars and restaurants.

Our Favorite Rental Homes in Tamarindo



If you’re in the market for a house, this is a fantastic one, trust us, we’ve lived there for months at a time! It’s about a 4 minute walk to the beach, totally private with an amazing pool, waterfall, jungle backyard. Be sure to visit the website to see everything it features, it’s a perfect place for one of more families to call home for a stint in Tamarindo.

Our Favorite Condos in Tamarindo

d2ac0159-42a3-4eac-a73a-93aebbadf797.1Pacific Park Condos
https://www.vrbo.com/781901 | https://www.vrbo.com/781900

The Pacific Park Condos are in a fantastic area of the town. They are located directly across from the 2001 Super Market and there are a dozen restaurants within view of the entrance of the building. The condos are clean and modern. Each unit it managed individually, but we have included a few of our favorites in the links above. Similar to other lodging directly in town, it can get a little louder at Pacific Park (than locations out of town) when town is in a festive mood. We have stayed at Pacific Park multiple times and have enjoyed it thoroughly.

sunriseSunrise Condos CHECK AVAILABILITY

The Sunrise Condos are another decent option in Tamarindo. They are right in the center of town so you’ve got a great location, but it can be pretty loud there also. The condos tend to draw younger crowds, but not always. It’s not our favorite place in Tamarindo, but the condos are well kept and offer nice amenities.


Staying in Langosta – Langosta is the next town south from Tamarindo and is a very close drive (5 min). There are a number of options in Langosta. Note that if you do stay in Langosta, you may want to rent a car (or a golf cart!) if you’re headed to town. Walking on the road is pretty nasty and the beach walk is doable during low tide but it’s a pretty long walk.


crystalCrystal Sands

We don’t have a whole lot of experience with Langosta lodging options, but we have seen the Crystal Sands and they are quite spectacular. Very luxurious. It’s a high rise building right on the point and has one of the best views in town.


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  1. Hi, great site!,,, i want it all! Im so confused , ! Want a vista view ,close to beach,close to diria,that wont break the budget…the esplendor looks good, but not sure about location.,looks like it has my vista…and the best western vista villas almost looks good…please help me!
    Donnella in N.C

    1. Hi there! Great question. Best close to town views are going to be at Diria Condos, Pacific park Condos, Elsplendor (but need shuttle to town), best western and Witch’s Rock more than likely. Oh, and villa amirillo.

      Hope that helps some!!!

  2. How about Ochoa Artisan Bungalows?

    1. Hi Chris – Sorry for the delayed reply! We haven’t actually been to the Ochoa (other than walking by) so I don’t have a ton to tell you. I can say that based on the design, lighting, etc., I would say it looks like the target audience is the 25-35 year old with a taste for the upscale. It looks really nice for sure. Good location, pretty close to town. Hope that helps at least a little!

  3. Thanks for this info. We want to spend about a month in Tamarindo. Mature (60ish) females. Can you recommend rentals safe and close to beach and in walking distance to stores, restaurants etc?

    1. Hi Mary Lou – Thanks for commenting. There are a number of places that might suit your needs, but the three that stand out in my head would be the Sunrise Condos, The Diria Condos or the Diria Hotel. Those are all in the center of town and right across from the beach. The Diria will be the nicer two options, but the Sunrise is a great place as well. All three have full time guards at the entrances to the properties also. Hope that helps!

  4. Always love your site!! Sorry you will not be there when we are this year!! Arriving in a few days😀

  5. Fabulous information .
    I have booked in Nicaragua for Dec 27-Jan 2/19 however, due to the violence find myself in need of a back up plan.
    We are a family of 6 ( 4 adult sons ,adventurous , surfers , biking , hiking) my daughter in law and myself the mom.
    Flights to Liberia are booked.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated .

  6. Hi! Great information
    What do you recommend for a 6 months stay on a budget? Do you have an agent that can help with long term lease? We would like to be within a walking distance from Tide.
    Thank you

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