What to Bring to Tamarindo

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This to Bring to Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Packing for a vacation can be a bit tricky, especially if you don’t know what to expect and what you can buy while you’re there. This is a super simple guide to packing.

You can buy some things in Tamarindo

If you’re running low on space (or allocated weight in a suit case) it important to know what you can buy in Tamarindo, allowing you to free up some space for other items.

Tamarindo is not a shopping metropolis (even slightly) but you can find many of the important items for a vacation. Bug Spray, Sun Tan Lotion, Hair Products, Body Products, hats, beach wear, sandals, beach toys, surf boards, boogey boards and more can all be purchased (or rented in the case of surfboards and boogey boards) so you don’t have to worry about running out or not bringing something in that realm.

Packing for Tamarindo

Much of what you pack will depend on when you are going to Tamarindo and whether you will be traveling outside of Tamarindo, so we’ll present multiple options.

If you are traveling to Tamarindo between December and April expect sunshine, and only sunshine. You do not need a rain jacket and it will be warm. If you are traveling to Tamarindo between May and August, you may encounter some afternoon showers once or twice a week and it may be nice to have a very lightweight rain jacket. The weather is still very warm, so you probably won’t need anything with any warmth. If you are traveling to Tamarindo between September and November there is a very good chance that you will run into some rain storms. The weather is still very mild, but you might want a sweat shirt occasionally. You will 100% want a rain jacket.

Important things to bring: 

Bug Spray (can also be purchased in Tamarindo)
Suntan Lotion  (can also be purchased in Tamarindo)
2 Swim Suits
A Hat
Beach Clothing (T-shirts, Sarongs, tank tops, etc)
A Second set of non-sandy clothing for the remainder of your day
Flashlight (the power can go out for long periods of time)
Chargers for Gadgets (Costa Rica uses USA style plugs, so super easy)
Sandals (maybe 2 pair)
Shoes (if your feet are sensitive, lots of walking in Tamarindo)
Small backpack for beach/day traveling

Are you Traveling beyond Tamarindo?

If you are planning on visiting more of Costa Rica, especially down south, you may need some additional items. Places like Monte Verde and Arenal can get cold & wet, especially at night. You’ll want something warm to wear (pants and jacket) and make sure it’s waterproof because you will get wet. Closed toed shoes are also important and the more waterproof the better. You might want two pairs of shoes because nothing dries overnight if it’s super humid. The further south you travel, the better your chances are of getting rain, so be sure to bring a waterproof jacket if you head in that direction. San Jose (the Capital) can also be chilly, make sure to bring some warm and cool weather clothing.


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