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Yoga Studios, Gyms & more in Tamarindo

Tamarindo is home and host to many active and adventurous people. Not only does the great surf draw this crowd, but the lifestyle itself, which encourages walking and spending time outdoors, promotes a healthy lifestyle.

So, if you are in Tamarindo and looking to stay active and healthy, you have lots of options! Surfing, of course, is one of the biggest draws to Tamarindo and a great way to keep your body moving. If you are new to surfing, all it takes is one lesson to understand the strength and stamina surfing requires. It is easy to find a board and an instructor as it seems there is a surf shop on every corner. You will never be bored if you come to Tamarindo to surf. (Click here to read more about Surfing in Tamarindo)

But what if surfing is not your thing? If you are surrounded by surfers, but don’t want to spend your time in the water, there are lots of other ways to stay active and get your blood pumping.

#1 Take a walk.

Walking is great exercise and it is free. One of my favorite “short” walks is from the Tamarindo Estuary to Langosta Point and back. Take your shoes off and take that walk during low tide. I’m not a runner, but if you are, it is also a great run.

Make it a little longer and walk around the point, (during low tide) and walk down Langosta Beach all the way to the Langosta Estuary. This walk requires more navigation of the reef, but is beautiful.

Make it even longer and take my favorite walk. From Playa Tamarindo all the way to Playa Avellanas. Plan ahead for this walk. It has to be done at low tide, because there are several estuary crossings along the way. There is really nowhere to stop along the way, so pack plenty of water and sunscreen. Depending on your speed, this walk can take you anywhere from a little over an hour to two plus hours. This is a beautiful and fun walk and the highlight is ending your trek at Lola’s for fabulous food and drinks. No doubt, you will feel like you got your exercise for the day. Don’t forget to plan a ride home.

#2 Yoga

Tamarindo is home to a number of yoga studios. I am a yoga instructor and practitioner, so this is by far my favorite activity in Tamarindo!

In the middle of town is Mermaids and Sailors Yoga Studio. A favorite for locals and tourists alike, Mermaids and Sailors has a great community of yoga instructors. Mermaids also has a large and well stocked boutique and is great place to shop for yogis and non-yogis!

You will also find Ser Om Shanti Yoga Studio right in the middle of town. This studio has been a locals’ favorite for years and years. Mariel, the studio owner and one of the instructors is extremely knowledgeable and offers a wide variety of classes.

Close to town – just a walk down the road or beach toward Langosta is Revive Studio. Revive has a beautiful, glass walled studio, close to the ocean at Langosta Beach Club. The space is home to more than just yoga classes and has surfset boards, which line one wall. These classes will give you a great workout and prepare you for another challenging activity, Stand Up Paddle or SUP yoga!

Further down the road toward Langosta is the Cala Luna Hotel. They offer yoga classes, and while I have never been there, I have seen pictures of their beautiful space and have heard great reviews.

There are even more places to practice yoga, (including classes I host in my own home while I am in town), but mentioned above are just a few of my favorites.

#3 The Gym

I have always preferred yoga to the gym, but with a number of new gyms recently opening up in town, I have really been enjoying bringing some variety to my daily activity.

Check out Wise gym right in the middle of Tamarindo at Pacific Park. Wise offers Functional training, Tac Fit classes and Zumba throughout the day. Monica, owner and trainer is knowledgeable and provides a great experience for participants.

Revive has a gym with machines and free weights, surfset classes and more. There is also a day spa and yoga in the same facility.

Tamarindo Fitness Center, which is close to the center of town hosts a fully stocked gym and a plethora of classes.

Gracie Tamarindo MMA and Fitness is in the Auto Mercado complex, right out of town.

There are a number of other gyms that offer other types of activities, so be sure to do your research if you are looking for something specific.

#4 Hire a personal trainer

I have not worked with a personal trainer in town, but I know that there are a number of them. A number of people I know have been extremely satisfied working with Nick Holt Fitness.

#5 Eat and Drink

It is easy to find great smoothies and juices all over town. Two of my current favorites are now serving cold pressed juices and more.

Check out Ono Juice in Plaza Conchal. In addition to cold pressed juices, you can get smoothies, an amazing acai bowl and delicious food. Ono has a fresh salad bar and a number of different dishes to choose from.

WISE Gym is also now serving a variety of cold pressed juices and dried fruits.

La Bodega is a high quality restaurant with organic food and great service.

The Saturday morning Tamarindo Feria, (farmer’s market), features a variety of booths where you can find veggies, fruits, homemade and home baked items and more! It is a great place to go load up grocery bags or walk around, snack and meet the locals.

Since this section is not a restaurant review, I am just going to mention these few places you might want to hit after your workout!

I have been more fit, active and motivated over the last five years living in Tamarindo than ever. I hope you enjoy the fun and inspiring vibe in this active little town, like I have.

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