First Project: Weather

Learning Experience Number One: Weather is a Factor.

Erin and I sat down last week and decided that we needed to start somewhere. We talked about it in detail and decided that we were going to start in Costa Rica. We are all very excited to learn how to surf and we thought that Costa Rica might be a good starting point for the family. We wanted to go somewhere that was easy, relaxed and comfortable to start with. We might not know the language, but at least we will be able to read the actual letters and get a good idea of what things say. We even joked about how we might just end up staying all year there because we are a full fledged “Beach Family” somehow trapped in Colorado.

The decision was made, first destination: Costa Rica.

That afternoon we started looking at guide books and websites about Costa Rica. We quickly learned that going to Costa Rica in August was NOT a good idea. It’s hurricane season there till November. DING! We hadn’t even thought about weather yet. Not even slightly. We figured “Hey, it’s Costa Rica, it’s always warm down there!” While that statement may be true, we now know that it’s not always SUNNY down there. So we had to throw Costa Rica out of the Pole Position and move it back in the time frame.

Starting over. We still don’t know exactly where we will be starting, but Argentina is looking pretty good at this point.

It’s amazing how when I picture setting foot in Costa Rica my images are filled with sunshine, great surf and perfect temperatures. I think that’s possible, but not year round. My first task was to go through every country on our list and determine the best times to visit them. Thanks for Frommer’s, it was a fairly easy process, but left me with more questions than answers.

Here’s what I’ve come up with at this point:

Argentina – September to November or March to May

Africa (Kenya) – Anytime, but animal viewing is best Jan and Feb (Dry Season)

Australia – Sept to Oct (Spring) or Oct to March for Summer. Do not go Christmas through Feb (super crowded)

New Zealand – Feb to March

Japan – March to April

China – April to May

India – Feb to March

Brazil – Jan to March (Summer) but ski Fed for Carnivale (if we don’t want those crowds at least)

Caribbean – January or Late Fall

Morocco – March to May

Peru – May and September

Greece – April to June

Costa Rica – Nov to Dec – January (holidays very expensive)

Egypt – Sept to November or Feb to April

Puerto Rico – Oct to December

So what does this translate to in travel time? Let’s see..


September: Argentina, Australia, Peru, Egypt,

October: Argentina, Australia, Caribbean, Egypt, Puerto Rico

November: Argentina, Australia, Caribbean, Costa Rica,  Egypt, Puerto Rico

December: Australia (early Dec), Caribbean, Costa Rica,  Puerto Rico

January: Africa (Kenya), Brazil, Caribbean, Costa Rica,

February: Africa (Kenya), New Zealand, India, Egypt,

March: Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, India, Brazil, Morocco,  Egypt,

April: Argentina, Japan, China, Morocco, Greece, Egypt,

May: Argentina, China, Morocco, Peru, Greece,

June: Greece,

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