A strange thing happened to me last night. We’ve been cleaning the house out for the last few months, getting everything ready for 6 months away. I’ve had a list of things that I need to do right before we leave. I created this list 2 months ago, and have been slowly tackling each item as it comes. The last part of the list has been sitting stagnent for quite a while as it contains things that we have to do at the end.

Last night, I checked off two of the “end” items. I unplugged the fridge in the basement and I also unplugged all of our outdoor lights. Sounds simple enough right? I was hit with a wave of emotion as I was pulling out those plugs. Excitement, nerves, wonder, and even a little sadness (for a second!) came rushing in. This is really happening. I felt like I got hit by a truck. A nice truck.

I wasn’t expecting that reaction from unplugging a fridge. Life is funny that way.

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  1. It’s funny what things will trigger a response. One of my big ones was dropping you off at camp. I knew you loved it and I loved it for you, but just that action was really hard for me. Love you and have a safe trip!

  2. I, too, feel like I’ve been semi “un-plugged” from all of you. I can’t even begin to tell you how much you will be missed. I look forward to having FaceTime as often as possible. I know you are all going to have a GREAT time . . . we look forward to seeing you online, hearing your voices, reading your tales & stories, and visiting your website DAILY.

    I love you guys so very very much!! YAYA

  3. I learned a lot just watching your beautiful Costa Rica video. I kept thinking about the many miles your ten feet (or 50 toes) will travel, the many new sights your 10 eyes will see, the many new scents your 10 noses will experience, the many new flavors your 5 mouths will taste, and the many amazing sounds your 10 ears will hear during your explorations. Have a wonderfully memorable time and know you’re being thought of lovingly and followed online as you explore and reflect upon the coming months. Bon voyage!

  4. Matt, when you return home I look forward to an entry on your website about the ways your experiences have enriched you and your family since you unplugged your refrigerator.

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