Sweat, Bags, Wood & Cables

Today has been a complete marathon of a day. All of a sudden it’s Saturday. Where did the week go? Waking up this morning started with a view out the window of another 8 inches of snow on top of the 6 that were left over from yesterday. We’re really packing in the weather before we go, that’s for sure! Off to the neighborhood hangout for breakfast (we have nothing left in the house). No one else seemed to want to brave the ice-packed roads, we were the only ones there for breakfast today.

As soon as we arrived home the race started. Two days and we’re out. Time to really kick it into gear. After moving the home office to the basement it was time for me to start dealing with technology and cameras. Charging batteries, gathering endless cables and wires for the computers, idevices and kindles, sorting through the mess of GoPro pieces and parts and finally finding a safe place for them to live between here and Tamarindo. What can be packed? What needs to be carried on? What bag to use? Do I need this wire? (yes). By noon, Erin and I were both soaked with sweat and the house felt like it was 90 degrees (the weather in tamarindo today btw!)

To make things even more complicated, we’re having our floors re-done while we’re gone, so on top of packing, we have to move everything off of the main floor in prep for the new wood.  It’s amazing how less fussy we are about kids dragging snow in the house knowing that the carpet will be gone when we get home.

Thankfully, the kids had a fantastic day playing outside in the snow while Erin and I packed up our lives. I think they played outside in the snow more today than they have in the last 3 years. Snow forts, secret paths, individual dwellings with communal areas, it was great. The boys even made windows for their forts by freezing water in keg buckets and then using the frozen discs as glass. Love it when they are creative. In the mean time, Abby crafted an entirely new outfit out of yarn. 🙂 It was very amusing.

By the end of the day, Erin and I are feeling much more under control then we were when we woke up, so I’ll call it a very successful day. Tomorrow is another big day.. it’s the end. Last chance. Pack it or leave it. Guess I should eventually make sure my swim suit fits. hehe. Goal is to be super productive so we can watch the Bronco game. Fingers crossed!

36 hours and counting. Never imagined I’d actually get to measure our departure in hours. It’s happening.

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