Playa Langosta

We are all a little more tired, sunburned and sore today but content after watching the sun go down from a hill above Playa Langosta.

Surfing was great today. We have an amazing team working with us, and not only are we learning to stand up on a surf board, but also absorbing a ton of information about the ocean, tides, town, culture, language, food, etiquette, and more.

Surfing, like all new things, has been a test in patience and humility. It has not been frustrating at all, since by its very nature, it is fun and pressure free. But I do feel awkward and wide eyed the majority of the time. Matt and I are surfing a little “further out” than the kids, so we have only been able to watch them surf from behind. Every time I look toward the beach, though, I see Ben or Jacob riding a wave. They have picked it up with enthusiasm and ease. Abby spent our surf time with Valerie, who played with her in the waves and on the beach. She took her on a walk down the beach to find fish and crabs, after a swim lesson with Frank. She is amazingly comfortable in the ocean and with all the great people spending time with her.

After Matt caught his first wave today, Kurt commented on Matt’s amazing attitude and smile. Go figure, right?! He is perfectly content in the ocean and fits right in with the laid back culture of surf and sun.

Our poor, sun deprived skin is sunburned, despite constant sunscreen application and bug bitten, (Ben is the worst), despite constant bug spray application. Jacob has a blister on his foot, I have a sore knee, (because my knee is always a problem), and Matt has a sore back from giving Abby lots of shoulder rides on the beach. Abby is in good shape, because she is being carried and coddled just enough for a five year old out of her element. Our little aches and pains are of little concern, because of the excitement and newness of every moment.

At 4 this afternoon, we met Frank at the school for an educational surf video, which was so much more effective after two days in the water. There was a reference point for the loads of information ranging from the parts of a surfboard to water safety to surfing instruction. After our video, we walked to Playa Langosta to watch the sun set over the ocean.

Ready to turn in for the night and get some rest!

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  1. Erin,
    This is so much fun to read about your adventure, more pictures! Have fun.

    Much Love

    1. Author

      Love staying in touch. Thanks for checking in. Such an amazing adventure one week in. We have probably taken more pictures in the last week than in the last year, but I am leaving it up to Matt to post. Our connection sucks, but no complaints here. xoxo, E

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