We have been encouraging the kids to try something new every day, and of course I keep pushing for fish, since it is fresh, delish, local, healthy and could create a life long love. Since we arrived, I am happy to get fish into as many meals as I can – from fish tacos to sashimi to ceviche, I am so happy everytime we sit down to eat.  Alas, Jacob, the most bold of my three, is the only one agreeably branching out at every meal. Even if his meals are ordinary at best, he is willing to try almost anything on a fork in front of his face.

His latest discovery was this afternoon when I ordered ceviche and fried plantains, hoping to get someone to try something new. The plantains didn’t go over well, (I was surprised, because they are sweet), but the ceviche was at least a hit with Jacob. Ben and Abby wouldn’t even try it, but I guess in their defense it is seafood, (fish in this case) that is “cooked” in lime juice and mixed with red onions, peppers, cilantro, – etc. – it varies. In any case, it is all my favorite things, but strong flavors to say the least. Before my ceviche arrived, Jacob had ordered spaghetti, but after trying it, he kept asking me to order more. Maybe it was a post surfing, starving moment of excitement, but I’ll take it. Next time we order, we’ll take “two ceviches, por favor!”



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  1. Way to go, Jake. You’re the adventurous eater of the family!!

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