Playa Avellanas and Lola’s

We had a super fun morning this morning. We took a trip up to Playa Avellanas and surfed one of the best beaches in Costa Rica. Abby and I actually took the morning off, me to let my sore sore sore body take a rest and Abby.. she just needed a break. But Erin and Jake and Ben all surfed. Playa Avellanas was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. Miles of white sand beach and zero development. It was like being at our very own island. The only development was a great bar/restaurant called Lola’s. Lola’s is the kind of place that I would have created given the chance. A perfect retreat from the sand and sun in a very wide open environment, great food, lots of drinks and a fun festive community. The only thing they were missing was music.

A few highlights from today.. Jake and Ben’s surf instructor Omar took the boys out one at a time, the waves were too big for both of them at the same time. After both boys surfed until they couldn’t walk, Omar went out and the kids got to watch him surf. I think I mentioned this previously, but Omar is one of the top 25 junior surfers in the world, so it was quite amazing to watch. I think that Omar is Jake’s new idol. See the pic below of Jake sitting on the beach watching Omar. He watched him for a long time, learning, observing and dreaming. Too cool.

After surfing we set up camp on the beach and shortly thereafter, a group of locals started a pick up soccer (futbol) game on the beach in front of us. It was fun to watch.

After getting enough sun, we headed up to Lola’s and enjoyed a fantastic meal. Lola’s is also home to a Parrot that speaks quite a lot. Abby thought the Parrot was hilarious. The parrot started off with some simple “Hola!” comments and then started in on full sentences. “Hola Bonita!” “It’s not fair!” and the best fake child “cry” I’ve heard. We also met Lolita, the pig. I’ve never seen a pig quite so large. She was huge!

Now we’re back home at the Luna Llena enjoying the first sun we’ve seen in a few days and trying to post on the blog etc, but, GO FIGURE, the internet is down again. Not sure when I’ll get this published, but hopefully it won’t be too long a delay 🙂



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  1. The last photo, carrying surfboards, is my FAVORITE so far!! So cute to see our precious Colorado grandsons surfing like pros!!


  2. I think Omar was my instructor when I went to Witch’s Rock Surf Camp. Is that possible? It was in May 2005. Any chance he was there at that time? Wouldn’t that be crazy!

  3. I’m pretty sure it’s a different Omar, our Omar is from Argentina and would have been about 12 in 2005 😉 Anything’s possible though!

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