Video: December in Costa Rica

Here is a little video we made of our December in Costa Rica with our new friends, Mark, Carolyn, James, Annie and Christopher, more commonly known as “The Canadians”. The video highlights a few of our big events, Christmas eve, Rincon de Vieja, and Playa Avellanas and a few other pix.

It took me 12 tries over the course of 10 days to get this to upload, but it’s finally ready.


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  1. Love the video. Shouldn’t you guys have been in one of those big rafts with ores and a guide on those rapids???!!! Can’t believe how brave Abby is. An experience of a lifetime.

  2. Just watched your movie, Matt. Looks like all of you had a terrific time! What adventures you’ve had . . . . I’m sure the kids are making incredible memories they’ll carry with them for a lifetime. It was really great to see where you’ve been and enjoy the beauty as well as the excitement.

    Hope you will progress a lot in Spanish. I’m sure Maria is going to be VERY impressed when all of you return. She loves it when we speak HER native tongue!!

    Continue to take good care of your wonderful family. We loved the video!!

    Love you all,

  3. Showed the kiddos your video … N wanted to make sure your camera was OK with all that water, C really liked the music choices, and E was impressed by how brave Abby was 🙂 Miss you guys! Oh, and by the way, they all want to know when THEY get to go to Costa Rica to do all those cool things!?! Thanks for setting the bar SO high for our next family vacation.

  4. awesome! wiley has been asking to see surfing video… can’t wait to show him this!!! thx! we miss you all, but we are glad you are having a blast and living your dream!!!

  5. Love the story Kathy! Tell N that the camera is safe and sound 🙂 Tell C I spent more time picking music than editing the video, and tell E that Abby has been incredibly brave down here! I’ll leave the trip to CR in your hands, but we’d certainly welcome visitors! 😉 Talk soon, we miss you guys too!!

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