Quick Update from Monte Verde and Arenal Volcano

This week, we are traveling in Costa Rica to some of the mountain towns. It’s been quite a different view of Costa Rica from the beaches of Tamarindo! We have actually had to wear long pants and jackets at times as it is much cooler here than at home. I’ll go into much more details when we return, but here is a quick summary of our last week.

The boat from Arenal to Monte Verde

Monday, we drove 5 hours to La Fortuna, the town at the base of the Arenal Volcano. It’s a cool town! It was quite different than we expected, much more “mature and developed” than tamarindo. The roads were paved, they had sidewalks, the cars and taxi’s stopped forĀ pedestrians, there were a ton of really nice hotels and more. It was a little refreshing in some ways! Monday afternoon we went on a hike in the Arenal Volcano National Park. Tuesday was our favorite day. The day started with all of us rappelling down 5 waterfalls (highest was almost 200 feet!) and after a quick rest at the hotel pool, we headed to Tabacon hot springs. WOW. Pictures of both to follow later on.

Abby checking out the birds on the Sky Bridges in Monte Verde

Wednesday morning we took a boat across Lake Arenal and drove for an hour or so by car to Monte Verde. We are in Monte Verde right now and will be here until tomorrow morning when we take the 5 hour frive back to Tamarindo. Monte Verde is again, not at all what I expected. Really cool town! It’s a mountain town at an elevation of around 5000 feet above sea level. It’s cold, and windy and refreshing šŸ™‚ Yesterday we took a train ride through the monte verde cloud forests. Today we did a really cool hike on the sky bridges over the cloud forests. We learned a ton about theĀ foliage of the Cloud Forests, saw a bunch of birds, etc. It was about a 3 hour hike. After we returned, we went on a tour of their butterfly gardens, insect garden and humming bird gardens. Quite amazing.

View from the Poco A Poco hotel

Right now, we are back at the hotel and the kids are enjoying a little swim while Erin has a massage. Later on today we plan to head to the center of Monte Verde and enjoy the town for a little while before we have dinner and head to bed. Tomorrow, we head back to Tamarindo. I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey to the mountains and this completely different environment, but I am excited to return to my favorite beach town and start catching waves again!

More details later as well as photos! Have a great weekend everyone.

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  1. At home today with two puking kiddos wishing I was in Costa Rica! Went to the website to get an update on your ten feet. Where are you guys? How are you guys? Miss you guys!


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