New View, New Casa

Evening on the terrace

Last week we said goodbye to our home for two and a half months at the Luna Llena and moved into a rental house for the next month. It was with excitement and sorrow that we bid adios to our home at the Luna Llena. Our new house is up on the hill in Tamarindo, so we are further out of town, which is good and bad. We love the view. A TON. It’s spectacular.

Hola. I'm VINO

We miss being close to town though. This is a “driving” house for sure. Thankfully, we have a vehicle that we bought down here. A 1992 Piece of Sh&t van named Vino. We love Vino, but Vino is not the greatest of cars in the world 🙂 I’ve gotten stuck driving up the hill to the house 4 times already in two weeks. The problem is that if you stop your momentum (when another car is coming down the 1.5 lane road for example) it’s virtually impossible to get started again.

Pool view in the morning

It’s been very refreshing to be in a little more space. We lived in a 500 sq foot home with the 5 of us (that’s 100 sq feet per person…) for 2.5 months, so it’s great to have bedrooms, a kitchen and space to spread our wings some. The first week we were here we barely left. The kids are loving the pool as are Erin and I. No longer do we have to pack up our stuff and head to the pool, it’s right outside the back door!

We will be here until the middle of March, at which time we will head back into town and live back in the jungle, but only a 5 minute WALK (vs drive) to the beach. Driving around here is a little nutty. As is parking, so it’ll be great to be back to our old stomping grounds and park the car for days at a time.

Below are some pics of the view from the new rental place. We’ll post some more shots on the rest of the house later.

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