The Farmacia

Walking to the Farmacia

Well, we have been here for three months and since day one I just crossed my fingers that we would all remain perfectly healthy. Knock on this wooden table, not even a sniffle to report. We have had lots of new food, have only been drinking tap water, have had lots of sunburns and bugbites, some twisted ankles and the like, but nothing that has warranted a visit to the doctor.

Yesterday afternoon, however, I realized that I would need an antibiotic for a uti. No big deal, but necessary. I quickly called friends in hopes of guidance, because I wasn’t sure where to begin. I was told that the three pharmacies in town have docs on site. We have been to the pharmacies, because they are the “go to” place for sunscreen, bug spray and over the counter meds.

I got on google translator and wrote down five sentences in Spanish explaining my symptoms, what I needed and the fact that I don’t have allergies. Ha ha. And then we all piled into Vino and went into town.

The Farmacia is here...

Pharmacy #1 – doctor at lunch. Piled back in the car and went to pharmacy #2. Doctor at lunch. Instead of trying to explain, I handed my note to the pharmacist. She called the doc, handed me an antibiotic, charged me $14 and sent me on my way. That’s it. I feel better today.

At home, on a Saturday… don’t even get me started… would have taken forever, (maybe impossible) and cost a fortune, since our insurance sucks. I was so intimated by the process here and it was so simple and cheap. No appt., no insurance, no waiting, no bill. Wow! Don’t get me wrong – I don’t want to break my arm, but…. it was surprisingly simple.

Since we are functioning as a family unit on all accounts, the kids were affected by this short part of our day. It cut into our afternoon surfing plans and they were equally “worried” about what we would do, since it was a new experience. Quote of the day, when all was said and done, was from Ben. “Mom, how was that process for you?” I told him straight up, “actually, Ben, that was a very easy process, thanks for asking.”



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