YaYa and Grandpa Buzz

We had our first visitors since we arrived in December. The kids were counting down the days until Matt’s parents arrived at Casa Xanadu. They arrived late enough that we had to put the kids to bed in anticipation of early morning hugs and kisses from YaYa and Grandpa Buzz.

And the morning came early – whispers and taps on the shoulder at 5:30 a.m. “Are they here?” “Are they awake?” “Can we see them?” It was more exciting than Christmas morning and presents under the tree.

The kids were in heaven for the entirety of their stay – sharing their lives with such enthusiasm – their favorite beaches, surf spots, restaurants – their new “selves.” It was amazing to sit and watch. Our involvement in their lives over the last 4 months has been so intimate. We have heard every word spoken, and have witnessed every change in behavior. We have literally watched them grow – their hair, their bodies, their vocabulary, their perspective of the world and a little Spanish in the mix to make it more interesting. This alone has been the greatest gift we have received during the last four months.

While we have been constantly aware of this precious time together, it was amazing to have fresh eyes and energy arrive in our space. We had the opportunity to “introduce” Tamarindo and our life here, not as the newbies that we are, but as the residents that we have become.

Our life in Tamarindo is a little “rough around the edges,” but Buzz and Laura hung in there and “hung on” as we trucked them up and down the hill, through town, and over the rugged dirt roads to Avellanas in our beloved Vino. While Vino can carry 15, we all did a little climbing over and around surfboards and breathing in the dust, with no A.C. Buzz commented, on our drive to Avellana’s, “this is an adventure,” and I replied, “every drive is an adventure,” as we drove along side another car going in the same direction on the “wrong” side of the road.

When we arrived in December, I had few expectations. I had not spent a lot of time researching the area, looking at pictures, envisioning anything specific. Every experience has been a welcome and exciting adventure. Having Buzz and Laura “along for the ride” for a week was a welcome perspective, considering we haven’t had the opportunity to walk away and reflect since we arrived.

Their week here was hot and windy and dry. There were fires. The sand was blowing. The water was colder than usual. Despite it all, I think this dirty little town spoke for itself. We were met by all of our familiar, friendly faces in town. Despite our daily activities, we shared the laid back attitude that accompanies this small community.

We enjoyed a day on the Marlin del Rey, a day at Avellanas and a day at Langosta Beach Club, dinner at Dragonfly and Las Brasas and more.

But the highlights will always be playing games around the table, building legos on the floor, hanging out on the couch telling stories and watching the sun set over the ocean together.



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