Another Chapter is Completed

Yesterday we bid farewell to our last set of friends coming to town for a visit as Brent, Kristine, Aliya and Jaz. We had another wonderful time with them and the kids really enjoyed getting to know their girls better. Our week was filled with surfing, a night out a Bamboo Sushi Club, journeys to the beach and great time hanging by the pool at Casa Colorado.

Having friends come down to Costa Rica was extremely fun, and as a family, we were able to see Costa Rica again through fresh eyes. Beaches that have become “normal” to us were suddenly new again, restaurants that we’ve eaten at a number of times had a different light to them and our excitement to share Costa Rica with our “people” left us with a renewed energy and passion about this country. We have created an additional home here and sharing it with friends made it all the more real.

Here are a few photos from the last week with the Carey’s. Next visitor? Uncle John!

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