Rainy Season in Tamarindo – WOW.

This is our very first rainy season experience in Tamarindo, and we’ve seen some amazing rain storms in the last month, but last night took the cake for the monster of all storms. I’ve never seen so much rain in my life. It was quite amazing. It started as a great downpour. Lightening and thunder seemed to be non stop, water was pouring off of the gutters, it was beautiful.

IMG_3083Then we saw the water slowly starting to leak in through the front door. We rushed to grab towels and anything else we could shove in the way of the storm waters. We set up barricades out of benches to help divert the water around the front door. It all helped, but nothing kept it out. We watched surfboards take flight and journey all the way around the house, shoes and sandals seemed to have a mind of their own and went down the newly created rivers in the yard. It was quite amusing to watch to be honest. Water was pouring in from the road, from the sky, from the roof, it was everywhere.

IMG_3079In the end, we ended up with about 2-3 inches of standing water in the house, but it all worked out fine. Erin and I stayed up late pushing the water out the back door with brooms and anything else we could find. By the time we went to bed at 1 am, the rain had stopped, the flooding had stopped and the floor was already starting to dry.

This morning, Erin still taught yoga at the house, albeit not a clean house. The kids and I spend about 3 hours cleaning up the inches of caked mud and silt from the driveway, front entry and all the paths, but in the end, everything cleaned up beautifully and at this point, only 12 hours later, you’d never even know it happened (minus the 40 towels waiting for their turn in the washing machine..).

IMG_3081What an adventure that was, I’m glad we got to experience it. It was another team-work, connected moment with the family. We all had a job and we worked together to get everything put back together. Pura Vida Baby, I love this experience!

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