Ben is currently working on a project for school about the tides so I thought it might be cool to shoot a time lapse video of the tides going out over Playa Grande. My experiment didn’t work all that well as the sun went down before the “real” low tide, but the overall result isKeep Reading!

You’ve gotta love the GoPro cameras. This is the first video we shot of Jacob after adding the GoPro Surf Mount to their board. Turned out great 🙂 I need to use more RainX to keep the drops off the lens, but it’s a great start. Plus, how fun is it to watch Jacob surf?!Keep Reading!

First quick video of Ben surfing with the GoPro mounted directly on his surfboard. Can’t wait to do more! This is surfing at Playa Tamarindo near the river mouth. Below are some pix from the session as well.Keep Reading!

Here is a little video we made of our December in Costa Rica with our new friends, Mark, Carolyn, James, Annie and Christopher, more commonly known as “The Canadians”. The video highlights a few of our big events, Christmas eve, Rincon de Vieja, and Playa Avellanas and a few other pix. It took me 12Keep Reading!