A Family Process

Erin and I feel very strongly that even the initial planning, brainstorming and dreaming phase is a family experience and we have involved our three kids from the start. A year ago the dream was to sail around the world on a boat. While that didn’t end up being the final plan, the kids were very excited to start learning about boats and they spend countless hours on Google Images looking at boats and sending us links to the boats they liked. They have VERY expensive taste 🙂

Now that we have established a better focus, we are talking constantly with the kids about the different countries we are going to visit and experience. They have been pouring over the map of the earth we purchased and are always asking questions like “how tall is the Eiffel Tower?” and “will I get to ride a camel?”. We have been watching shows as a family on TV about travel, we are all especially fond of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations (link). We all enjoy his humor, my wife and I more than the kids, and always get a kick out of the foods he’s trying. My oldest son is very excited to eat pigeon when we go to Morocco thanks to the show.

In addition, we are also focusing on becoming a better team. Like most families, Erin and I pick up 99% of the duties in the household, including one’s that should be the kids jobs. This trip has allowed us to attach meaning to helping and working as a team because “When we go out our trip around the world, we need to all work together and help.” The kids all seem to grasp that concept and are now saying it on their own to each other. It’s very cute.

We’re bonding as a family in anticipation for our journey. The kids are excited, we are excited and as a family we talk about the plan and ideas all the time.

What are they most excited for in this moment? The Eiffel Tower, riding a camel, learning to surf. In that order. What wonderful things for little minds to look forward to.

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