Second Stress: The Dog

Our dog is another element of stress because we can’t bring her with us. She is a 12 year old mutt and to be completely honest, she’s on the downhill slide, but at the same time she’s not on her way to doggy heaven anytime super soon. We adore her, we’ve been with her since she was a baby. We also know that we can’t dictate our year long trip on her health.

UPDATE: Just yesterday one of our dearest friends said that she WANTS to take our dog while we are gone. It’s an offer that we are going to have a hard time accepting purely because we don’t want to make things hard on our friend at all, but just knowing that that possibility is there… it takes a little of the load off.

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  1. Hey Matt & Erin!
    Oh my goodness! This is so AWESOME!!! I’m so excited for your whole family. What an adventure and beautiful experience 🙂 So I’m writing this under your dogie blog because I have to let you know that Brian and I would LOVE to take your sweet girl while your gone, in case you need a backup 🙂 We have two dogs of our own but they are very friendly…the more the merrier! Just letting you know 🙂 Oh Yeah, so happy for you guys!
    Love ya lots,
    Beth Hutchinson

  2. Sorry guys…just realized that this was your Annie. Didn’t put 2 and 2 together at the time.

    1. Awww Beth – You’re so great! Not a worry at all! Completely understand 🙂 Hope things are well in your neck of the woods! Wanna come visit us in CR? 🙂

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