Great Day!

It was a long day yesterday, but everything was smooth! We arrived at the airport with plenty of time – kids were amazing on both legs. I had to set a good example, because I hate the “hurry up and wait” experience of traveling. All in all, it was sun up to sun down to get here, grabbing food at the airport – watching shows on our iphones on the plane, but no complaints, and no puking – hallelujah! A near miss with Jacob when we landed in Liberia, but I was feeling the same way as the air turned off and the humidity and heat hit us in a small plane packed to the brim.

The drive from the airport to the Luna Llena was dark and a little sketchy, although the road was smooth. We were left to wonder what everything looked like. Abby and Jacob slept through the drive. Ben talked most of the time, (very unusual), but kept saying that his eye lids felt very very heavy. Matt and I had a number of mini heart attacks, driving by people on bicycles – no shoulder, no lights – I had to stop looking out the window.

We finally settled in at midnight. I didn’t sleep last night, but was ready to go this morning and am energized by every piece of our day today.

Great Day!

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  1. Am energized just thinking about u guys. So glad the trip went well. HAsta maƱana

  2. Glad you are there, safe and sound. Can’t wait to hear more. Loving the updates!! Miss you!!

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