Holy Cow. We’re actually here.

Even as of yesterday morning I really couldn’t get a full grasp on the fact that we were going to be living Costa Rica for the next 6 months, but now that we are here, I can’t imagine leaving 🙂 Sorry VFP. hehe.

So, we are here!! I have so many stories already to tell and we have been here for less than 12 hours. Some of them will have to wait as suft school starts in 15 minutes!

Here are a few short things I have learned thus far.

1) It’s VERY warm and humid here. I’m sweating (surprise) like a pig. Looking forward to my internal thermostat adjusting to the new climate.

2) I will never ride a bike on a Costa Rican highway. Holy crap, those people are crazy. I think we had about 15 mini-heart attacks last night as our driver zipped around bikes on the highway. No shoulders here. Bikes and cars share the road (though cars seem to be king…). It was nuts.

3) People are so incredibly nice it’s amazing. Much more on that later. Pura Vida is very very real.

4) Our kids are GREAT travelers. They were simply amazing yesterday. Even as we arrived at close to midnight at the hotel, everyone was chipper and helpful. So proud.

5) Not knowing spanish is hard, but certainly a motivation to get learning quick!

6) Tican breakfast is about the most delicious thing ever. Forget Egg and I. YUM!

7) Lots of Gato’s here. Adorable.


Ok, that’s all I’ve got time for at this moment as we need to get ready for surfing. Can’t wait to find out what the day holds. The kids are freaking out with excitement.

Today’s pix are from the front of our new home. Feels like a house, we’re actually living in the owner of the hotels old house. It’s great. VERY rustic, very perfect. It’s not even slightly club med, and that’s exactly what we wanted. 🙂

Talk soon everyone.


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  1. Glad you are there safe and sound…. Ahhhhh! Now the real fun begins!!!! YOU MADE IT!!!

  2. Glad to know the trip and initial impressions on arrival went well. Yes, by all means, please avoid highways on bicycles! Having seen the “7 Learnings” you’ve already acquired, I eagerly anticipate hearing more and seeing more photos as time goes on. Greetings and love to all!

  3. Love it! Looks amazing. We miss you guys already!!

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