Bigger Waves

Today we graduated to the next size of waves, and it was intense! We headed out to the water around 7 am. It was quiet, peaceful and not too hot. We turned right down the beach today (instead of our usual left turn) and surfed outside Witches Rock, which is actually not Witches Rock, but that’s beside the point.

The kids had a much harder time today because the waves were at least twice the size of our previous week, if not even three times as big. They still rocked, but they were both a little frustrated that it wasn’t simple. Now they know how Erin and I feel!

Erin and I had a fantastic time trying to negotiate the larger waves. They were listed as “Chest to Head” high, and I have no idea what that means, but they were big. And Fast. Catching the bigger waves was intense. So much power. When we caught the waves they were a blast, when we fell, we got trashed. Felt like we were in a washing machine at times. My leash broke off my board about halfway through, so I had to keep tying it back on every 3rd wave or so. That was annoying, but it was a testamant to the strength of the waves, it was quite a pull.

After about three hours in the ocean, we headed back to the Surf Institute for an oceanography class. Really interesting learning about the waves, tides and the animals we may be encountering over the next 6 months.

Right now, the kids are working on homework and writing (thrill a minute…) and we are hoping to head back to the beach soon, as long as they study hard at least.

Another great morning in the ocean!

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  1. Are you going to post the kids’ writing too??! (I ask, hopefully. 🙂 )

  2. Hey Kerstin! YES, that’s the plan! At this point getting them to write in their journals is like pulling teeth, but the goal is to get each of them to write something as well. Wish us luck!!!!!

  3. Good luck! Stay strong, honey. It will be worth it if you do!!!

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