I’m tired of feeling like a newbie.

After spending my entire life skiing, and watching the clueless tourists, it is my turn to find some serious humility and patience and accept the fact that I am going to look like a newbie until I’m not a newbie. 🙂 It hurts, in so many ways.

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  1. Hey guys – just getting caught up in all your postings. Sounds like a grand adventure so far!!! Erin – I’m quite confident that you look less like a newbie than your husband, so he’s probably drawing attention away from you. :^)

    I’m sure you’re missing all the day-to-day adventures back in Colorado, so just let me know when you want some incredibly interesting details of my morning commute to the DTC…

    Keep having fun!

    1. Mark – Great to hear form you! I must say that while Erin thinks she’s a newbie, she’s also graduating on Thursday to a newer, sleeker, faster board. I will remain stuck with the clunky long board until I get better 🙂 You are so correct! BUT today we had our first spanish class and I was finally better than Erin at SOMETHING. Little victories 🙂

      Send us pix of the commute, we’ve almost forgotten how to drive a car.

  2. Guys,

    It looks like things are going well and you are having so much fun. It’s sure appealing since it was a high of 40 today! Nothing new to report here. All the same stuff. Tomorrow is Kindergarten Eric Carle presentation and last day of school before break is Friday. Woohoo!!! How will you guys spend Christmas? I so admire your sense of adventure.


    1. Jenn! Great to hear from you! 40 degrees eh? It was about 85 and cloudy here today. Clouds were very welcome as it meant less sun screen for the kids all day. Sun screen is our version of having to gather hats and gloves and boots for sure! No Christmas plans yet, but we’re hoping to spend some of the day in the ocean practicing our new love for surfing. Beyond that, we have no clue. It’s strange, but down here we’re not experiencing the build up to christmas we’ve had every year. The kids asked a few days ago about when xmas was, but that’s about all we’ve talked of it so far. I’ve gotta be honest, it’s very refreshing.

      Love to the VFP!

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