Rain, Sand & Surf

We had a great morning today. We had a “day off” from the surf institute, so we decided to head out on our own and surf. The tide was pretty low, so instead of our usual area, we headed toward Witches Rock and surfed there. The waves were a great size for Erin and I, though a little big for the kids, so they opted to boogey board and play in the sand today. Erin caught quite a few waves and I caught a few as well. It was quite a challenge catching waves today as the breaks were shifting in and out the entire time. Lots of missed waves as well as waves that were breaking well before they reached us and thus they tossed us into oblivion 🙂 When we did catch waves though, it was awesome.

While Erin and I were surfing, the kids played in the sand and built a gigantic sand city. Pix below. They have gotten very creative with gathering shells, sticks, rocks for their creations, it’s very cute. Amazing how they “find” toys where there are no traditional toys around.

Lunch today was at the Copacabana, one of our favorites for Sashimi and Ceviche.  Ben and Abby both stepped out of their comfort zones which made Erin and I very proud. Ben tried Calamari. Abby tried Ceviche. Neither was overly thrilled about the flavors, but at least they tried it! Jacob is obsessed with Ceviche and fought with Erin over the bowl we ordered 🙂

While we were at lunch, it started raining, and it has been raining on and off for the last 2 hours. Rain in Tamarindo during the dry season has been likened to snow in Colorado in mid-june. It VERY RARELY happens. The locals are delighted, it’s cutting down the dust and giving the plants much needed water. The tourists are less than thrilled, but it is what it is. 🙂

After returning home for a quick shower, we headed up to the spanish institute for a skype call with Jake’s class. That’s a post worthy of its’ own so I’ll write about that in a moment. I’ve added some photos from the morning below.

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  1. Tried to Skype yesterday and today – left messages. Sure glad I can see what’s going on through your website – waves look BIG. Good for kids trying new foods. I’m with Jake – LOVE ceviche!

  2. Looks like a nice 4 foot section running. From your comments I’d say you all are too close in and probably ate a lot of foam. Sure looks fun though ;-}

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