Skype with Jake’s Class

Today was a big day for Jacob. We planned a skype meeting with his class before we even left Colorado, and today was the day we got to make the call. We’ve been having a really hard time with our connection at the Luna Llena, so we walked up to the Costal Spanish Institute to use their wi-fi. It was much better.

Jake’s teacher, Mrs. Meiring, did a ton of work on her end to make this meeting a possibility, including the assistance of quite a few Jeffco employees! She and I were laughing about how a few years from now, we’ll look back and laugh at the hoops we had to jump through to have a simple Skype chat with his class. Who knows, in the near future, they might be able to have video pen pals across the world, in part, thanks to the efforts of our amazing team back in Colorado.

The connection was pretty decent and we had a great time seeing and talking to Jakes class. They were full of questions and excitement. Jake was as well. They asked a bunch of questions to Jake about his time in Costa Rica as well as about things he’s learned, etc. Jake told them about what he’s learned thus far in Spanish class, about some of the animals he’s seen in the ocean and the land, answered some questions about surfing and also told them about how the tide works. It was extremely cute to watch. This beta test was a perfect stepping stone to additional chats with his class after the winter break!

Post chat, we came back home and did a few hours of math work on the computer, some writing in their journals and practiced some of our spanish in prep for tomorrows class. As a reward for a job well done, the kids are now watching some disney cartoons in spanish before we head out to dinner.

So glad that we were able to connect with home and Meiklejohn, it was great to see everyone and see the excitement on the kids faces seeing their friends across the world. Already looking forward to our next meeting!

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  1. This is amazing to see you guys paving the wave of the future for education. It is exciting to be following your adventures! Great stories, photos and smiles on all your faces! Way to go 10 feet Traveling! Are you already planning other similar traveling adventures? Continue in your wonderful adventure and writings. Take care, Kreg

    1. Kreg – What a surprise to hear from you! Thanks for reading our ramblings and thoughts, it’s been fun to try to collect them in a usable format 🙂 Not sure where the next adventure may take us, but after this experience, I can’t imagine staying at home for too long a period of time before we need to journey again!

      Take care my friend!


  2. Your skype was great news at the school today. I missed a few blogs so I am catching up and wow! it all sounds amazing. Emerson is going to freak out when I tell her about the monkeys. So happy for you all! OX – Jill

    1. The people wandering around the spanish institute thought it was quite cool too Jill! So fun to be helping pave the way to new ways of learning and communicating. Tried to take monkey pix, but they didn’t turn out so well. We’ll get more though! I’ll send you one for Emerson from the mediocre batch to at least get you started.

      Miss you!

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