Life in Tamarindo: The Super 2001 (Supermarket)

We’ve had quite a few people ask us to send some pictures of our everyday life in Tamarindo, so we took some pictures yesterday around town while we were out. The first installment is from the Super 2001, which is the super marcado closest to our hotel. We’ve been told that it’s more expensive than the other store, but most of the prices I checked were about the same, so we’ve been mostly shopping there. They also import some snacks from the USA, so the kids can get things they love from home there. The grocery stores in Tamarindo are tiny. About 5 isles big and with very limited fresh food offerings. A small meat department, just a little fruit and veggies, an entire isle of wine and liquor and the rest is staples. No one speaks english (which is just fine) and we learned the first day that they will not accept a credit card without your ID. A nice security feature, but a real pain in the butt when you finish shopping, are rung up and they won’t accept your payment. I tried to convince them to take my card without ID at first and they just stared at me like a deer in headlights. Clearly, this conversation was going no where.. Thankfully, the first and only time it happened I had my ATM card and not a credit card, so I ran down to the bank (4 blocks or so away) and got cash.

Shopping at the Super 2001 is kind of a cross between a really nice gas station and the food isles of a walgreens in the states. Not much to pick from, but they have everything you ultimately need.

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