Life In Tamarindo: Our Casa

Part two of our writings and photos on everyday life in Tamarindo thus far, today’s installment is our house. We are living at the Luna Llena Hotel & Residence. It’s a great little hotel run by Pino and Simona as well as their 4 dogs and 5 cats. I wouldn’t call it nice, but I’d certainly call it full of charm. We will show more of the grounds in another post, this one is focused on where we are sleeping, studying, eating occasionally, and calling home for the next few weeks.

It is a two bedroom “house” located on the hotel property, but this used to be Pino and Simona’s house, so we have a private entrance, complete with gated entrance a small yard and a see-saw. We love it. It’s small enough that it rarely gets messy and when it does, a quick 15 minute power clean makes it spotless. We have maid service every day, so that’s been really nice. The hotel provides us with breakfast every morning (Either a Tico Breakfast (rice, beans eggs and tortilla) or Continental (Eggs, toast and Fruit). We are not sure if we are going to stay here after our time is up, but we are considering it depending on two factors. 1) The price and 2) if they can figure out why the internet rarely works..

The house has a small kitchen (that we don’t really use much other than cereal and some nachos, etc in the microwave), a small fridge, one bathroom and a eating area in the kitchen. We’ve seen spiders and ants pretty consistently, but the friendly gecko’s do a pretty good job of keeping them under control. We have had crabs scurrying about on our floor at times and we’ve also seen a few iguana’s outside in the yard hanging out.

Each room has a ceiling fan that keeps things fairly cool and Erin and I also have A/C in the master bedroom (thank god) so we have not had any problems sleeping due to the heat (like we did in Maui).

Here are the photos of where we’re living 🙂







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  1. That’s actually much nicer than I had pictured without “actual” photos. Thanks for posting these. I feel much better being able to visualize where you guys are living now.

  2. OMG WITH THE CRABS AND CRAWLIES IN THE HOUSE. Just picture that HUGE grasshopper Matt one night when you were sleeping. Feel it itching your leg hairs???? Of course you have those little guys there, but GROSS.

  3. Very cute house……except for the crabs, spiders and iguanas. Miss the bathtub!

  4. Kara – you’d be proud of me, I’m actually learning to not FREAK OUT with the bugs and crawlies 🙂 sigh…

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