Monkeys, Squirrel Poop and Breakfast, Oh My.

This morning we were eating breakfast on the beach at one of our favorite spots Nogui’s. We were in the sand at our table under a canopy of tree’s and wildlife was everywhere (just like the rest of Costa Rica). We were enjoying watching the gulls and pelicans diving into the ocean to catch their breakfasts when I started to notice that I was getting pelted with pieces of fruit from the tree above me. Nothing big, just left over scraps, but they kept coming down. Upon looking up, I saw a squirrel about 20 feet up feeding on one of the fruits that grow on tree’s (I forget what they are called) that we were told “no eat” by the locals. He was having a feast up there and dropping all of his left overs down on my head. We continued to eat and toward the end of our meal, Jake came over to ask me a question and suddenly a big blob of squirrel poop landed on his head. He didn’t know what it was, so he immediately felt his head which made it even worse. We were all cracking up. Jake didn’t think it was quite as funny as we all did. A second blast came from the trees and this time hit me on the shirt. It was absolutely hilarious. Not a worry, we went to the Bano and washed Jakes head and my shirt as best as possible, paid our bill and went on our merry way.

On the way home the wildlife tour continued when we say a family of at least 15 monkeys hanging out in the tree’s. We also got to see close up monkeys this morning at the Capitan Suisso hotel where Abby got to pet a baby monkey and Jake had a monkey determined to steal his sunglasses. Jake was shocked at how frisky the monkeys were (as were we!) and he told us as we were leaving, “Those monkey’s are kind of annoying.” He was right, it was like hanging out with a bunch of toddlers that are super smart and don’t want to behave. Too funny. Quite the morning of wildlife in Tamarindo.

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  1. That is hysterical! Making memories….. 🙂

  2. LOVE ALL THE POSTS – ESPECIALLY THE MONKEYS! Boy are you guys having an experience of a lifetime. I miss you all so much! Thought of you all as we were freezing to death at the Blossoms of Light with Sarah, Molly, Lauryn and Alex. It was beautiful and loved Molly’s comment….”Wow, I’ve never been to the North Pole before”.

    10feeltraveling is making us all feel like we are there with you…….almost :(. Time for more Christmas wrapping.

  3. Haha, yeah, I’ll take a great morning of surfing over Blossoms of Light in the freezing cold. Good luck wrapping, we thought you were done? 🙂

  4. Tell Jake- sorry we are laughing about the poop. Abby got pooped on by a
    bird once and we still laugh about it! Thanks for the laughs. GREAT pictures!

  5. Jill – the kids cracked up at the thought of Abby getting pooped on too. Jake wants details 🙂 Love those moments that keep on giving!

  6. What a memorable day. Having had my head pooped upon by a seagull at a NC beach and had Jennifer witness the sight and dissolve in joyful hysteria, I understand Jake’s reluctance to think it was hilarious to have a headful of monkey poop. Tell him that with time and many re-tellings of such stories they become funnier and funnier to the victim. I can barely tell my story now without giggling uncontrollably.

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