Life in Tamarindo: Around town

Part four on life in Tamarindo, this time we have some photos from around town. The town is an interesting mix of poverty, luxury, tourism and surf town. Almost all of the roads are dirt, except for portions of the main drag and a little pavement strip (only one side of the road for some reason) near the road to our home. These photos don’t really tell the story of the town very well, but they are what we have for the moment. Yesterday, we took a walk further into the residential side of town (away from the beach)  and found quite a few new hotels, places to eat and signs to see.

The roads here are the only thing I don’t love about Tamarindo, but we (and the kids) are starting to get somewhat used to them. The drivers here have absolutely no regard for pedestrians so you have to be on the lookout every second for cars as they will not stop or slow for you, they will simply try to avoid hitting you as much as possible. I’d say that probably 60% of the town walks or rides their bike everywhere and up to 40% have vehicles. We have no intention of ever getting a car here as we have found that it is not needed. We’re getting used to the few miles we all walk everyday and minus a few fussy moments from Abby, it’s been a piece of cake. I tried to capture the road chaos around here, but again, it’s really hard to capture on film, you just have to see it to believe it. (come visit!)

Enjoy the pix.

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