The “Jeep – Boat – Jeep” Ride

It’s sounds cooler than it is, but there is a cool service that will take you from La Fortuna / Arenal across Lake Arenal to Monte Verde saving you the drive around the lake. It’s a very big lake. It’s called the Jeep – Boat – Jeep, but it could have been called the Shuttle – Boat – Van also 🙂

Lake Arenal was very beautiful, mostly because it’s virtually undeveloped. The lake is a man made lake designed to provide power to Costa Rica. According to our teachers at the spanish school, Costa Rica get’s almost 80% of it’s power from hydro electric set ups, so it’s a very important lake in Costa Rica.

The ride across the Lake was nice. It was a big shuttle boat. While we were crossing the lake, a camera crew was filming a TV commercial for the Jeep boat Jeep service, so one of these days you may see our mugs on TV in Costa Rica!

After crossing the lake, we were met by a team of vans that took is the final two hours to Monte Verde in the mountains of Costa Rica.

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