The Monte Verde Cloud Forest Train

When we arrived in Monte Verde the first thing we noticed was the┬átemperature. It was actually COLD! Quite a refreshing feeling after spending two months in the dry and hot northwest coast of Costa Rica. The second thing we noticed is that it’s green. Everywhere. Monte Verde is incredibly lush. The plants and trees are covered with green. Tamarindo is very dry this time of year, so seeing green everywhere was also a nice treat. Our first stop in Monte Verde was the Cloud Forest Train.

The train was a mini train that took us a few miles into the cloud forest. It was a nice ride. Our tour guide was a really nice guy and he explained quite a few things to us about the natural wonders of the cloud forests. A few miles into the forest we came to the end of the track and were met with a little building that gave us a snack and hot chocolate (remember it’s COLD there!?). They also had an overlook point with an incredible view back toward Arenal and the lake. In the distance we could also see the pacific ocean.

Our guide took us on a nice walk through the forest and taught us quite a few things. It was a mellow hike but a good one. Once we returned back to the train, we headed back to the station to wrap up the tour. I’d recommend the tour to families with kids, but would not say it’s a great tour for adults only. Entertaining for sure, but best with kids I think.

Here are a few of the pix!

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