Selvatura Park – The Hanging Bridges

Our second day in Monte Verde we ventured up to Selvatura Park, another incredible experience. First stop for the day was a guided walking tour on the hanging bridges (sky bridges) that weave in and out of the cloud forest. I can’t remember how many of them there were, but it was a lot. Really neat bridges, think mini-golden gate bridges that take you from one side of the forest to the other, crossing over the top of the canopy. It was absolutely beautiful.

We had a guide that was extremely passionate about his job and Erin and I really enjoyed his knowledge. At one point though, his passion really shone through when he spotted a bird that he was excited about (I’m forgetting the name right now..) and we stayed on a bridge for at least 30 minutes waiting for it to appear again. Our guide was all hyped up, super excited and almost giddy. For the first 10 minutes, we shared his enthusiasm, but as the kids got bored (as did we) our excitement faded. His never did. I think he could have stayed up there all day. The bird never came back, but we sure did everything we could to be patient and wait for it 🙂

The weather was great out there. Cool, but warm in the sun. I’d highly recommend a trip to Selvatura, with or without kids, old or young. It was a great day for sure.

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