Friends from Colorado and ‘Bat Boy’

After arriving home from the amusement park at Tibidabo, we dropped the kids off with a sitter and headed into Barcelona for an adult night on the town. Our first stop was to the Le Meridien hotel to have drinks with some friends of ours that happened to be traveling through Barcelona that evening.

Our friends, the Dempsey’s, were on their way to a cruise and had a one night stop in Barcelona. It was really fun to see someone from home while on our journey through Europe. Brad, Nancy, David, Kathy, Erin and I enjoyed drinks in the hotel bar for a few hours before they had to head to bed before their cruise and the four of us headed out to go to a play. Yes, a play.

Kathy and David had a friend who was a part of a production in town called “Bat Boy” and they had purchased us tickets for that evening. We took a hurried cab ride across town and made it to the play just in time for the curtain to go up.

I won’t bore you with the details of the play, but I’ll sum it up by saying that it was one of the strangest and worst plays that I have seen in a long time. With a different story, it actually could have been a decent play. It was a musical, and I enjoyed the music, though much of it seemed borrowed from other plays in some capacity. I heard remnants of RENT over and over, but not nearly as good.. It reminded me of student written plays that I performed in and watched while studying drama in college.

The story was about a “Bat Boy” that was found deep in a cave and brought into society. It was very strange. The whole play was about his introduction to human society and the challenges he faced with discrimination, instinct, and love. It almost would have been better if they play had been in spanish. I could have at least assumed it was a better play if I didn’t understand the words.

We all agreed, it was extremely entertainingly bad. But bad can often times be really fun, and we had a great time laughing about the play on our way back home to the Kahns. It was a perfect way to finish off a great day.

That night we tried to get to bed a little earlier, but once again, it was 3 am when we were heading off to bed. Jet lag is brutal.

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