Matt, I have a feeling…

we’re not in Tamarindo anymore…

Matt and I have laughed a few times about the notion that we have anything truly valuable to say about Costa Rica, as a country. Granted, we have spent some time in Costa Rica, but when it comes right down to it, we have spent almost all of our time in a small surf town in the province of Guanacaste in the northern part of the Nicoya Peninsula! What do we really know about Costa Rica?!? Our perspective is limited and always will be, but we are looking forward to seeing and experiencing more of Costa Rica on this stint away from our home away from home.

Upon exiting a small town on a single air strip surrounded by fields and horses, and arriving at an international airport in the middle of the city, I can say one thing definitively, thus far… while they speak a little faster, our welcome to San Jose was as warm and friendly as it was in Tamarindo.

Our small plane didn’t take us higher than 7,000 feet and we were able to watch our progress from the coast, over rural areas and mountains, into the valley that is home to San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica. San Jose is a city, like any other city, with highways and traffic, and daily life proceeding at a cities’ pace.
With only a few hours left in our day, we went to visit the Multiplaza, (biggest mall in Costa Rica), right down the road from our hotel. While this is not a normal destination on our travel itinerary, Tamarindo offers nothing of the sort, so we were curious. At one point, I asked the kids, “this morning when we picked you up from school, could you have imagined being on an escalator in a mall?” While typically not an interesting question, we chose to add it to the picture, since it has not been a slice of life we have experienced in Costa Rica.
My friend and I recently had a conversation about what it would be like to visit the U.S. from a foreign country. She has a friend who spent time in Boulder, Colorado and returned to her home with opinions about the U.S. based on her time in CO. We laughed to think that she could have visited New York or Kentucky or Florida or Texas or Kansas or Ohio or South Dakota and left with a whole different list of experiences and adjectives to describe the U.S.
It has come to light that we are in that same boat. So far, Costa Rica is a beautiful country with great surf and friendly people… but it is so much more, (malls included), and I’ll leave it at that for now…


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