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Walking to School the First Day

We’ve been back in Costa Rica for 3 weeks now, and while things really haven’t changed much around our favorite little town, our life is quite a bit different this winter, primarily because the kids are going to school. For the first time in CR, Erin and I have our mornings free. I’ve been able to work a bit, Erin has been able to go to Yoga, we’ve taken some long walks on the beach together and have enjoyed a meal or two with just the two of us.

The kids are going to a fantastic little school called the TIDE Academy. It’s a fairly new school and for the first week we were here, their campus was located at the back of a hotel in Tamarindo. Since then, the school has moved to a more modern building a little further (5 minutes) out of town.

All three of the kids are loving school at TIDE. They’ve made some new friends, learned a ton already and (their favorite part) they get to surf every Monday as part of school.

Congrats Abby! Student of the week!

The kids are going to school in paradise, but it is still school.. and Erin and I have battled the same homework drama and struggles we have back in Colorado. There’s just no escaping the inevitable math, spelling, science, spanish and history homework. Even with the struggles though, the kids have actually worked exceptionally hard and it has paid off. Ben and Jacob both got the highest score in the school on their human skeletal tests last week and this week Abby was selected as the Star Student. Proud Mom and Dad for sure.

Today before we left for San Jose, the boys turned in their research papers on their assigned Central American countries. Homework fights and struggles aside, they both worked really hard and did a good job. Pix of their posters in prep for their papers are included below.

Ben and Jacob’s Honduras and Nicaragua fact posters

For the next three weeks we will be exploring more of Costa Rica and Panama (gotta renew our visas!) and they’ve got quite a bit of homework to do from the road.

I’m very thankful that the kids are getting to experience a different side of Tamarindo this time around. The school has a great staff and a cool international community.

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