Ben and Jacob both wanted to write something for the blog yesterday, and they opted to do a little writing about the TIDE Academy’s Morning Surf Program before school. Enjoy! TIDE Surf Morning Practice – by Ben Waking up at 5:00 am to go surfing is definitely worth it. Especially if it’s with TIDE. Last year if youKeep Reading!

The kids wrote this song with their friends Logan and Macy last week. Just had to share as nothing makes me happier than the kids playing music.Keep Reading!

As we were driving to Lola’s our goal was to shoot another quick surf video, but upon arrival, the swell was MASSIVE so the kids decided to boogey board, play in the sand and enjoy a relaxing afternoon instead. This is a quick snapshot of that afternoon at Avellanas.Keep Reading!

We’ve been back in Tamarindo for about a month now and it’s been quite a whirlwind thus far! Things are finally slowing down just a little bit, so I thought I’d drop a quick update. We had two weeks of visitors as well as three weeks of very good friends in town, so we’ve beneKeep Reading!

This weekend we will journey down to Costa Rica again as a family. By this time we’ve got traveling to and from Costa Rica down to a science. Instead of making this 5th trip down the easiest one yet, we’ve decided to make it the most complicated one by adding our new dog to theKeep Reading!

The kids went to an amazing school while living in Costa Rica for the Spring Semester of 2013 called the TIDE Academy (website | facebook). As a part of their community outreach program, the school teamed up with another local school to create a beautiful mural on an old concrete wall in the center ofKeep Reading!

It’s been about 6 months since we left Costa Rica this year and I’m finally getting around to sifting through some of the video footage we took. This was one of my favorite evenings in Costa Rica this spring, the Villa Real Rodeo. Rodeo season is an amazing time around Costa Rica, these rodeos travelKeep Reading!

This is a repost from the TIDE Academy May Newsletter: Congratulations to the Sampsons for being the Featured Students of the Month! TIDE was lucky enough to have the Sampsons for four months this year. Ben, Jacob, and Abby all came prepared to learn everyday, always thought of amazing new ideas, and were awesome surfers!Keep Reading!

We’ve been back in Costa Rica for 3 weeks now, and while things really haven’t changed much around our favorite little town, our life is quite a bit different this winter, primarily because the kids are going to school. For the first time in CR, Erin and I have our mornings free. I’ve been ableKeep Reading!

Soccer Me and my brother were playing soccer at the beach before the sun set. We had a little bit of time before dark. We had a lot of friends at the beach. There were a lot of dogs there. Me and my brother would play pass sometimes. When it got dark me and myKeep Reading!

The Bon Fire. At the bon fire there were lots of people. Me and Jacob played soccer. Abby played with her friends and my dad and mom/Erin and Matt talked with there friends. The sun went down very quick. my dad put a go pro on the sand and filmed the sun set. Me and JacobKeep Reading!

November in Costa Rica is a magical time, everything is green, you might have a little rain and the weather is calm and cooler. It’s probably our favorite time of the year to be in Costa Rica. 2012 was no exception when we came down to Costa Rica with friends to celebrate Thanksgiving. The weekKeep Reading!

I’ve been working on a video of our Journey to Costa Rica for the past few months. It’s nearly complete, and eventually, I will put the whole thing online for those of you brave enough to endure the feature length version, but for now, I am going to add some pieces of it over theKeep Reading!

It’s been a little while since I’ve written anything, life has been in a whirlwind for the last 9 days. We have been on some great adventures, seen a lot of things and spent time with some very dear friends along the way. It all started with leaving Costa Rica. We spent a few daysKeep Reading!

It was six months ago that we arrived in Costa Rica though it feels like a lifetime ago. At the same time though, it feels like I blinked and 6 months was over. I woke up this morning reflecting on the fact that this is our last weekend in Costa Rica for this portion ofKeep Reading!

Abby is back in the water this week surfing and we’re so excited for her. She’s made incredible progress in just a week. She started the week catching super mellow white wash and now she has evolved to trying to paddle and even catching real waves. It’s been a blast to watch. Here’s a quickKeep Reading!

The beaches of Tamarindo are filled with locals, visitors and people selling stuff to the tourists. On any given day you will find no less than 50 “beach vendors” walking the beach, peddling their wares. These vendors are not regulated (from what we can tell) at all, and thus walk into the restaurants, approach youKeep Reading!

Jacob turned 8 on April 29th. His birthday will be the only one we celebrate in Costa Rica this year. Jacob knew that this birthday would be different without the typical fanfare surrounding all of our celebrations. But all of us counted down they days for weeks prior, enjoying the excitement and anticipation that comesKeep Reading!