Life in Tamarindo: The Hotel Luna Llena

As promised, here is post three on our everyday life in Tamarindo. This edition is focusing on the hotel we’re staying at, the Luna Llena (Full Moon). The hotel has beautiful grounds, not luxury beautiful, naturally beautiful, and there are a bunch of small bungalows that surround a nice sized pool and swim up bar. Antonio at the bar is wonderful and if you are ever in the mood for great italian food, I’d HIGHLY recommend the food here. There is a small sitting area by the pool with shade and some tables where we have worked, read and dined. We have met everyone that works here and they are all great people. It’s small enough that the woman that cooks us breakfast is also the woman that cleans our house, so we see the same faces day in and day out. Pino and Simona’s dogs and cats are always around, basking in the sun, looking for a friend to pet them, so the kids have been delighted to have animals back in their life again. There is something about these Costa Rican dogs, they are all so happy and friendly. It’s really hard to tell which dogs are pets and which are wanderers around the town, but it appears that almost all of them have families and homes of some sort. Just about every local has at least one pet, but most have multiple. There are no rules about pets in restaurants here, so every time we eat, we typically have a 6th and 7th guest at the table with us. They don’t beg at all, they just like to hang out 🙂

This hotel is great for travelers who are not looking for luxury. I don’t think I’d suggest this place for our parents, but for any friends coming to visit, I’d highly recommend the Llena.

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  1. Looks really charming!! I can see why all of you are enjoying it . I must admit, though, that hotel life would be my preference when we come to visit you guys!! Love all of the photos. Thanks so much for sharing your “Life in Tamarindo” pieces with us!! Love, Yaya

  2. Yeah, I think the Diria or the Capitan Suizo would be much more up your alley 🙂

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