Working remotely is easy. Working remotely in different countries with unknown internet access and reliability is a whole other animal. I plan to do a lot of research this year to determine the best way to deal with these unknowns.Keep Reading!

Our three kids will be missing an entire year of school. Do we focus on traditional educational skills or do we let them learn through experience and exposure? We’re voting for exposure and experience.Keep Reading!

12 year old dogs and world travel don’t go hand in hand. We do not have a solution for taking care of our dog while we’re gone yet and it’s a big source of unknown stress at this point in planning.Keep Reading!

We are involving the entire family in the whole process from start to finish. We have been talking about it with the kids, they are excited and that’s making us even more excited as parents.Keep Reading!

As would be expected, the first and most dominant thing that I am thinking about with this trip is the finances. We are going to spend the year saving every penny, but it’s hard to tell what we will need and when.Keep Reading!

Talking about leaving is one thing. Setting a date is a whole different thing. Now that we’ve set a date, we are seeing things from a very different point of view. It’s real.Keep Reading!

Welcome to our travel journal website! As the father of 3 children and a trained web designer, it seemed only appropriate to start to document our entire planning process as well as our year of travel online for the world to see. We hope that you enjoy reading about our preparation as well as ourKeep Reading!