Tamarindo is a whole different animal this week, I’m in awe. Two weeks ago it felt like the kids and Erin and I were the only visitors in town, this week this sleepy surf town is PACKED with people. Tico’s, Americans, Canadians, Europeans and more. We heard this morning that every single room, hotel, condo and rentalKeep Reading!

We send our holiday greetings this year from the Luna Llena in Tamarindo, Costa Rica! We arrived on December 5th, and look forward to a sunny Christmas in the sand and surf this weekend. Our arrival here this month was the culmination of months of dreaming and planning. We will explore Costa Rica through theKeep Reading!

This morning we were eating breakfast on the beach at one of our favorite spots Nogui’s. We were in the sand at our table under a canopy of tree’s and wildlife was everywhere (just like the rest of Costa Rica). We were enjoying watching the gulls and pelicans diving into the ocean to catch theirKeep Reading!

Part four on life in Tamarindo, this time we have some photos from around town. The town is an interesting mix of poverty, luxury, tourism and surf town. Almost all of the roads are dirt, except for portions of the main drag and a little pavement strip (only one side of the road for someKeep Reading!

As promised, here is post three on our everyday life in Tamarindo. This edition is focusing on the hotel we’re staying at, the Luna Llena (Full Moon). The hotel has beautiful grounds, not luxury beautiful, naturally beautiful, and there are a bunch of small bungalows that surround a nice sized pool and swim up bar.Keep Reading!

Part two of our writings and photos on everyday life in Tamarindo thus far, today’s installment is our house. We are living at the Luna Llena Hotel & Residence. It’s a great little hotel run by Pino and Simona as well as their 4 dogs and 5 cats. I wouldn’t call it nice, but I’dKeep Reading!

We’ve had quite a few people ask us to send some pictures of our everyday life in Tamarindo, so we took some pictures yesterday around town while we were out. The first installment is from the Super 2001, which is the super marcado closest to our hotel. We’ve been told that it’s more expensive thanKeep Reading!

We got a soccer ball for the kids today, their first and only beach toy thus far. Our day today was filled with non-beach activities, we walked all around Tamarindo and saw quite a few places we’d never seen before, brought our laundry down to the Laundromat, had a pretty bad lunch (Don’t go toKeep Reading!

We haven’t had an Internet connection for several days. Not a huge deal for me, (a bummer to not have email and Skype), but for Matt, this is a major inconvenience/problem. Needless to say, we haven’t been online, outside of a moment here and there. That’s all I have to say about the Internet! 😉Keep Reading!

We had a super fun morning this morning. We took a trip up to Playa Avellanas and surfed one of the best beaches in Costa Rica. Abby and I actually took the morning off, me to let my sore sore sore body take a rest and Abby.. she just needed a break. But Erin andKeep Reading!

Spanish – No comprendo! No se! Tengo una pregunta! Repita, por favor! We had four hours of lessons this week, and learned a lot. CSI is a full immersion program, so the instructors don’t speak English and we don’t learn the language from the “ground up.” Matt and I are in a semi-private class withKeep Reading!

Who knew??!?!?! Yoga was supposed to be my comfort spot, my familiar terrain, my home base. But, I got rocked on Thursday. Completely stripped down and removed from my comfort zone all over again. I found a studio just down the road – Ser Om Shanti. It’s a nice spot – small, with a tileKeep Reading!

Today was a big day for Jacob. We planned a skype meeting with his class before we even left Colorado, and today was the day we got to make the call. We’ve been having a really hard time with our connection at the Luna Llena, so we walked up to the Costal Spanish Institute toKeep Reading!

We had a great morning today. We had a “day off” from the surf institute, so we decided to head out on our own and surf. The tide was pretty low, so instead of our usual area, we headed toward Witches Rock and surfed there. The waves were a great size for Erin and I,Keep Reading!

I’m tired of feeling like a newbie. After spending my entire life skiing, and watching the clueless tourists, it is my turn to find some serious humility and patience and accept the fact that I am going to look like a newbie until I’m not a newbie. 🙂 It hurts, in so many ways.Keep Reading!

I’m not going to try to pretend that there is any excuse to turn on a t.v. in Tamarindo one week in, HOWEVER, we have a t.v. here and the kids have needed a little downtime. We quickly found some old favorites, like Higglytown Heroes, Imagination Movers, Agent Oso and of course Mickey, on theKeep Reading!

We have been encouraging the kids to try something new every day, and of course I keep pushing for fish, since it is fresh, delish, local, healthy and could create a life long love. Since we arrived, I am happy to get fish into as many meals as I can – from fish tacos toKeep Reading!

Today we graduated to the next size of waves, and it was intense! We headed out to the water around 7 am. It was quiet, peaceful and not too hot. We turned right down the beach today (instead of our usual left turn) and surfed outside Witches Rock, which is actually not Witches Rock, butKeep Reading!

Yesterday was a really fun day. It was Sunday, we didn’t have any school to attend, so we had a casual morning. Went out to breakfast at Nogui’s which is the kids favorite place on the beach. We’ve been eating most breakfasts at the hotel so it was nice to branch out and try somethingKeep Reading!